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Donald Duck spanks a little penguin.

Spanking in cartoons are spanking scenes in (Western) mainstream animated cartoons. This page also lists spanking scenes in non-cartoonish (Western) animated films. For spanking in mainstream Japanese animated films, see Spanking in anime.

See also Spanking cartoon for non-animated cartoons.


Cartoon animation in the early 20th century (Walt Disney et al.) featured cartoon characters, rather than human characters, and applied state-of-the-art principles such as exaggerated poses, gestures and expressions, takes, anticipated action, action and reaction, action lines, stretch and squash. There are nice spanking scenes in many mainstream cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and recently on The Simpsons.

Spanking in cartoons is practically always humorous spanking art.


Early cinema[edit]






After 2000[edit]

Examples on YouTube[edit]

From "Birds in the Spring" (1933) "Dreams On Ice" (1939) The Practical pig built a
lie detector spanking machine.
From "Queen of the Shadowkhan" (2001) From "Smokin' with Cigarette" (2010)

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