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Example from Rosario to Vampire Capu episode 13. It's mostly considered as fan service by the character's panty shot.
Example from an unknown anime.

Spanking in anime are spanking scenes in mainstream anime (Japanese animations), such as Sailor Moon. For non-mainstream works, see spanking anime. For spanking in Western mainstream cartoons, see spanking in cartoons.

In mainstream anime, spankings are usually given for punishment (by a character in a position of authority), as an act of revenge among rivals, and/or in a humorous context. They are usually not in any erotic context, but are a popular form of fan service.

List of spanking scenes in anime[edit]

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  • 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku in episode 9 (5m15s) the librarian/secretary Wada puts on bondage gear and tells her friend Natsu to call her "Spanking Wada" causing Na to repeat "spanking?" The english word is used.


  • Ai no wakakusa monogatari (Little Women): Japanese and German opening (M/f underarm)
  • Akazukin Chacha: In one scene, Shiine talks about how he wants to spank Chacha, and then becomes flustered by the idea and begins staring at his open palm.
  • Alps Monogatari Watashi no Annette: episode 32 (F/m OTK)
  • Amazing 3: See the Wonder 3 entry below
  • Arion: 1986 film F/f
  • Ashita no Nadja: episode 18 (F/m OTK bare bottom)
  • Astro Boy: See the Tetsuwan Atom entry below.


  • Beast King GoLion has a spanking scene in episode 7 ("The Lion Has New Claws"). After Princess Fala/Fara (Allura in the "Voltron" dub) injures herself attempting to pilot the Blue Lion, her governess gives her an OTK spanking in front of the team, who laugh at her as she cries she is not a baby ([1]).
  • Beelzebub: at the end of episode 19, the main character puts a nurse over his knee and is holding his hand up, threatening to spank her.
  • Bokurano: in episode 12, Maki Ano's father announces it's spanking time, and the sound of spanking is heard offscreen with Maki's screaming as the house is shown (M/f).


  • Candy Candy: episode 56 (M/m underarm)
  • City Hunter: Ryo spanked by Kaori (F/M)
  • Creamy Mami: episode 1; 4; 25 (F/f OTK, F/f OTK, F/f underarm)


  • Detective Conan: at the end of episode 90, there is a spanking scene where Kogorou Mouri (English name "Richard") spanks Conan because Conan was too good at pretending to be 7.
  • Dai Mahou Touge: episode 7 (F/ff, OTK)
  • Doctor Slump (aka Professor IQ): Spanking happens in an unknown episode (F/f). In another scene, in episode 7, a character is spanked at the end for drinking sake in class.
  • Doctor Slump 2: episode 5
  • Dokonjo Gaero (aka Gutsy Frog):
  • episode 7 (m/kitten)
  • episode 23 (F/f) a girl spanks another girl with a white dress and purple shirt.
  • episode 75 (M/f) man with moustache spanks girl in pink dress and blue shirt
  • Don Chuck Stories: (F/m OTK): [2]
  • Doraemon: Gian spanked by mom (underarm); Suneo spanked by mom (OTK, bare bottom); Nobita spanked by adult Shizuka (OTK, bare bottom); Shizuka spanked by a strange machine. (1st series?)
  • Dragonball Z: episode 252 (episode 237 in the American cut version) (F/m OTK, bare bottom): ChiChi spanks Goten (Still image). (video)
  • Dragonball Z Kai: episode 133 (F/m OTK bare bottom): ChiChi spanks Goten


  • Element Hunters: Juno threatens to spank Ally in a joking manner if she won't listen. Ally admits she wouldn't want a spanking, and obeys, so no spanking actually occurs, but it is discussed.



  • Hanada Shounen Shi (aka Story of Boy Hanada) from an unknown episode, Ichiro is spanked by his mother Sanae
  • Hero Bank: in episodes 37, Kaito is spanked by his older sister Ai, who is brainwashed. After which, ai remembers when she use to spank a younger Kaito. [3]. Happens at 15:11.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Episode 5: Mion imagines herself somewhat naked on all fours, getting whipped by her younger sister Shion.
  • Hetalia World Series: Episode 29. France is caught spying one Austria and Germany. They tie France to a chair, and Austria remarks that it looks like someone needs a spanking. No spanking is shown, but it is heard off screen.


  • Ie Naki Ko (Rem?): episode 6 (M/m OTK)
  • Ikkitousen: at least two F/f, in episodes 4 and 9. Also in one of the Dragon Destiny OAV minis.
  • Imouto Paradise episode 1 has a spanking scene 17 minutes in when the protagonist spanks his little sister Hiyori as punishment for wetting herself
  • Inukami - Episode 11
  • Invincibile Shogun:
  • episode 25 dog/boy: A dog breaks up a fight by smacking on of the boys on the bottom with a stick. His mother then prece to bandage it.
  • episode 31 F/m: An older girl and boy are assigned to watch over a baby. The baby tries to run away and the girl gives him two swats.


  • Jack and the Beanstalk: (1974), (F/m) shows Jack being punished by his mother. She spanks him with a broom while he's on his hands and knees.
  • Jewelpet Sunshine: end of episode 8, (M/cheetah) the cheetah's name is "Jasper" and and the man's name is "Mikage". Apparently Jasper's apartment got flooded and had to move in with Mikage. Mikage then argues about how Jasper is to messy, and Jasper is upset with the way Mikage eats curry, which leads to a showdown at the academy. After the fight, Mikage takes a malt and spanks Jasper with it, which makes Jasper agree to clean up and to eat curry the way Mikage does.
  • Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu: end of episode 7, (FFFFFFFFFF/m, presumably) Spanking is off-screen, with the sound echoing through the village, but the after-effects are shown.


  • Kanokon in Episode 3 the main character spanks the main heroine. Dub Sub
  • Kappa no Kaikata 3:25 Episode 14, 2:40-46 Chii (Hercules) the Kappa is spanked by his owner Miyu (f/M) Episode 15, 2:10-30 Hercules spanks a dog and... do you really want to know what else? (M/m)
  • Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) Episode 4 (dub) (M/m) Episode 27 (m/f)
  • Kimba the White Lion: episode 52 (M/m) Kimba disobeys Daniel the Baboon and goes to the beehive, gets tons of stings. Daniel spanks Kimba. Kimba is also spanked by Daniel in episode 18.
  • Kids Next Door: episode 15 (M/m, M/m, M/f, M/m, M/M, M/M, M/F, M/M OTK)


  • Little Lulu: Originally a comic concieved in 1935, Little Lulu was later produced into a black and white cartoon in 1956, then later an anime in 1977 and an additional remake in 1995. Most of the episodes and comics pre 1990 would finish with Lulu being put over her mother's knee as punishment for her behaviour during the story. Tubby was spanked offscreen a couple times by the teacher in one of the shorts as well. (M/m)
  • Lolo the Penguin: M/m


  • Magical Nurse-witch Komugi-chan Magikarte: Episode 5 (F/f OTK)
  • Magical Witch Puni-Chan: Episode 4 (F/f OTK)
  • Mahoraba: Episode 16 (f/f)
  • Mahou no Mako-chan: Episode 26
  • Mahou no Yousei Pelsia: Episode 39; Episode 42 (M/f OTK)
  • Majokko Megu Chan: Episode 10 (M/f), Episode 59 (m/f) Episode 65 (F/f OTK),
  • Maple Town: in episode 27, Rachel spanks her young sister Patty. (F/f underarm) Only one smack.
  • Memole: episode 1 (F/f underarm bare bottom); episode 39 (M/mm)
  • Mirai Shonen Conan (Future Boy Conan): episode 4 (M/mm paddle)
  • My mother's a 4th Grader: Unknown episode f/m baby girl spanking baby boy
  • My Imouto: Koakuma Na A Cup the 2nd OVA of this hentai has a brief spanking scene 9m30s in



  • Oh! Family: episode 26 m/f brother spanks his twin sister bare-bottom on table
  • Ohayō! Spank is a 1981 anime that lasted 63 episodes


  • Palm Town: (Sequel to Maple Town) (episode 13) This time, Rolley (Patty's friend) is spanked by her mom. (F/f, OTK)
  • Persona 4 the Animation: In episode 1, f/M the protagonist Yu Narukami meets his uncle Ryotaro Dojima, and his cousin Nanako Dojima (uncle's daughter). When Ryotaro comments on Nanako's blushing while saying hello yo Yu, she gets angry and spanks him, causing him to let out a fake yelp after a delay.
  • PetoPeto-San: Episode 5
  • Pokemon: F/F Jesse gets a single/few swats while held underarm by this biker looking girl. There is no episode number (they're in totally different orders on DVD and TV country to country) but the episode is the first Jigglypuff episode.


  • Renkin San-kyu Magical Pokaan: Special 1 (F/m)
  • Robin Hood no Daiboken: M/m. Robin is alone in the forest,and remembers when his father used to spank him on his bare bottom.
  • Rosario+Vampire: F/f- one swat in episode 11. In the second season (capo 2), there is a short F/f scene in episode 11, and an M/f scene in episode 13.
  • Rozen Maiden Traumend: Episode 1


Swiss Family Robinson
  • Sailor Moon: in the second season (formally titled "Sailor Moon R"), there are two spanking scenes where Usagi (English name,"Serena") spanks Chibi-Usa (English name, "Reenie/Rini"). In episode 60, Usagi lifts Chibi-Usa with one arm and scolds her while giving her four swats (clip in Japanese). In episode 63, Usagi spanks Chibi-Usa OTK on her bed; only one hard swat is shown (clip in Spanish). Later in the same episode, there is also a short fantasy sequence in which Chibi-Usa imagines herself being strong enough to spank Usagi, showing three swats with Usagi over Chibi-Usa's knee. During the "Sailor Moon Super S" movie (set during the fourth season), Chibi-Usa gets three hard swats on her bottom, not for punishment but to break her out of a trance.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (a live action version of the original anime): In episode 27, Sailor Moon tells a mind-controlled Sailor Mercury "I'm bringing you back, even if I have to spank you," The accuracy of this translation is uncertain. However, in episode 28 Usagi and Ami (Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury in their 'civilian' forms) are stuck in a pocket dimension. Ami is nearly catatonic and refuses to move, due to guilt over her role as 'Dark Mercury.' Usagi grabs her by the arm and tries to drag her along. When Ami still hesitates, Usagi gives her a rather clumsy slap on the butt to get her moving.


  • Tenchi OVA: in a bathhouse, Ryoko is yelling at Washu, a small granny smacks Ryoko for not being ladylike; b)
  • Tenchi Universe: episode 20. Mihoshi and Kiyone try to infultrate Ryoko's ship by pretending they're a carnival act. Mihoshi accidentally sets Kiyones butt of fire, then smacks it soon after.
  • Tenchi Muyo: episode 11-13: Ryoko and Aeyaka Time travel in this 3 part episode, get into a fight, Ryoko taunts by smacking her own butt a couple times, and making a wise ass comment.
  • Tenchi Muyo: Ryo oki: Episode 4: Mihoshi's brother gets spanked for about three minutes but his subordinate officer for making decisions that endanger the crew and ship. Gets lectured as this happens. You can count the smacks (13)
  • Tetsuwan Atom (B&W)
  • episode 6: Lightning Man (Astro Boy ep. 7, Zero, the Invisible Robot) F/m OTK bare bottom. Inspector Tawashi (Gumshoe) picked the wrong time to remember an unpleasant incident from childhood, and Dr. Ochanomizu's ECHTOPSYCHOSCOPE revealed his embarrassing thought to all who were viewing the video screen. Chief Nakamura (Mc Claw) was ROFL!
  • Astroboy episode 30, early F/m anime spanking circa 1963. This early scene was posted at Youtube by LRad001, and is notable for its use of bare-bottomed imagery. Nudity was not uncommon in Osamu Tezuka's comics and cartoons, but BB spanking was unusual in classic 60s anime. This scene is one of two F/m corporal sequences to be found in the original version of Tetsuwan Atom; the other involved an alien child being spanked by his mother for running away.
  • episode 59: Robot Buron X (Astro Boy ep. 30, The Super Duper Robot), F/m OTK bare bottom. The mother of Jiro, spanks HIM on the bare bottom, but as the view changes, his pants are up in the later views.
  • episode 106: Boy From Outer Space (Astro Boy ep 95, Mighty Might from Ursa Minor), F/m. Pipo (the title character), has just been liberated from Ham Egg's clutches, and reunited with his parents. His mama hugs him, then puts him over her forearm, an spanks him on his shorts.
  • episode 122 (no Astro Boy version) (bare bottom). Atom himself, this time takes it as the title character give him about 6 swats. Until now, we thought his brief was painted on.
  • The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee: clip
  • Tom Sawyer no Bouken: episode 1; 5; 8; 9; 12; 17; 18; 20; 49


  • UFO Ultramaiden Valkrie: Season 4, Episode 2
  • Ultimate Muscle the Kinnikuman Legacy: episode 47 (F/m OTK semi-bare bottom). Dik Dik Van Dik fights against the invulnerable Monsieur Cheeks (an enormous butt). During the match there is a flash-back: Kid Muscle remembers when his mom used to spank him, then he takes down his panties and began to hit his own bottom for suggesting Dik Dik the solution to win: to spank Cheeks!
  • Urusei Yatsura:
  • Utawarerumono: The False Faces: Clip (F/f OTK bare bottom)


  • Wonder 3: Pilot (F/M OTK) Koichi Hoshi, though an adult, and in fact a secret agent of the Phoenix Organization, makes the mistake of hugging mama while wearing a shoulder holster. She promptly puts him over her knee. To think that her son would pack heat!



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