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Boys playing a board game with a spanking forfeit, artwork by Euticus (2015).

A spanking game is a game in which spanking is a core element. Spanking games can be played by children, adolescents or adults.

Fun spanking games[edit]

Some games involve playful spanking, for example birthday spankings, the spanking line or spanking challenges. Hot Cockles is a traditional game in which a blindfolded or face-hiding player has to guess who slapped them behind their back. Slaps is a fun spanking game based on dodging and quick reaction.

In another variation, a blindfolded player has to guess the implement being used on them. This can include pervertible items such as a spatula, ruler, wooden spoon, etc. has produced a series of spanking videos based on this premise.

Roleplay games[edit]

Spanking can also take place in the context of roleplaying games, such as House or School in children's play.

Adults may have fun with spanking in erotic roleplay, both in real life and in online roleplay.

Board or card games[edit]

Spanker's Delight, a German dice spanking game.

Almost any parlour or card game can be played in a spanking version. Spanking is typically used as a forfeit for losing, or a reward for winning. Examples:

Spanking quiz games[edit]

Spankings can also be given as penalties in quiz games. For example, in Jade growing up again: Ch 7. Protect the Innocent, Rinni and Paco play PP and C (Penny Penalties and Corrections): The players quiz each other with flash cards. Each player's wrong answers come into a pile to be counted at the end of the quiz. Then each player gets spanked for their wrong answers. The number of spanks is determined by the number of wrongly answered cards multiplied by a random number (1-6) which is determined by rolling a die. The person with the least wrong answers is the winner. The winner gets control of the dice multiplier and gets to spank the loser first; afterwards the loser gets to spank the winner for his/her wrong answers, using the same multiplier. The spankings are given on the bare bottom.

In the film Antonia & Jane (1991), Saskia Reeves and her boyfriend take turns being tied to a bed where they must identify Shakespearian quotations. Lashes with a belt are given out for wrong answers.

Computer and video games[edit]

See Spanking in computer and video games and Spanking in Flash games.

Game shows[edit]

See Spanking in game shows.

Other games[edit]

A last category are games in which no real spanking takes place, but in which spanking plays some other role, for example spanking-related trivia quizzes or crossword puzzles with spanking terminology.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • A Friendly Competition (, Japan), shooting contest includes spanking, photos
  • Caning Competition Show (Mood Pictures), parody that uses a mock TV game show format with contestants getting spanked and caned.
  • Cindy Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), series where blindfolded spankee must guess the implement being used to get 5 strokes instead of 10, lexan, photos
  • Claire Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), Kailee, photos
  • The Contest & Self-Spanking (Punished Brats), two girls compete in pain tolerance.
  • Game Night Series: 5 Girl Spanking Twister! (Disciplinary Arts), classic interactive game with added slumber party spanking element.
  • Game Night Series: Girl Spanko Poker (Disciplinary Arts), traditional card game with spanking added to the stakes.
  • Game Night Series: Pain Dice (Disciplinary Arts), Stevie Rose
  • Game Night Series: The Painful Card Game (Disciplinary Arts), photos
  • Game Night Series: Rock Paper Spank: Cheer Edition, Pt 1 (Disciplinary Arts)
  • Game Night Series: Rock Paper Spank: Cheer Edition, Pt 2 (Disciplinary Arts), photos
  • Game Night Series: Spanko Truth or Dare (Disciplinary Arts), Kat St. James, her stepsister Sam James, Kisa Corvin, Audrina and Lily Starr earn spankings from Kyle Johnson playing Truth or Dare.
  • Game Night Series: Spanko Hide-and-Seek (Disciplinary Arts), variant on the children's game (photos)
  • Game Night Series: Spanko Imaginif' (Disciplinary Arts), a twist on the board game Imaginiff with losers getting spankings as punishment.
  • Game Night Series: Unluck of the Draw (Disciplinary Arts), photos
  • Monica Plays The Spanking Game (RealStrappings), photos
  • Naughty Neighbor (Dallas Spanks Hard), includes dice game that determines implement and number of strokes.
  • The Painful Card Game: Melody Pond (Disciplinary Arts), photos
  • Rival Girls (Mood Pictures), two girls in love with same man have caning contest.
  • Spanking Poker Party (Nu-West/Leda Productions), with an added F/M twist, male as well as female players with a losing hand take turns getting punished.
  • Super Scrabble: Spanko Edition (Disciplinary Arts)
  • Truth or Dare (OTK-Spankings), sleepover, photos
  • Truth or Dare Spanking (Spanking Sorority Girls), photos
  • Wheel of Discipline (Pacific Force), three-volume series parodies Wheel of Fortune game show.
  • Winner's Choice (Nu-West/Leda Productions), three-man poker game; the winner of each hand paddles/spanks the girlfriend of his choice.
  • Winner Take All (Nu-West/Leda Productions), a man loses his wife in a poker game. She receives M/F and F/F punishments as a result.

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