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Sketch of a "spanking buck" (spanking bench/spanking block) by Spankart (2008). Left side view, right rear view.
Sketch of a spanking bench without knee rests. The red colored top is padded, the brown straps are to restrain the spankee at the wrist, thigh/knee, and ankle.

A spanking bench is a modern item of spanking furniture that has no historic past such as a birching horse, for example. Instead, spanking benches were invented in the 20th century by spankophiles and BDSM practitioners for consensual adult spanking play.

Spanking benches are different from historic types of whipping benches (on which the delinquent was laid horizontally with knees and hips at the same level). They only remotely resemble a normal bench and come in fanciful designs. Their common attribute is that an adult spankee is laid over them (and often, optionally restrained with straps) to receive a spanking in a kneeling position, on-all-fours position, bent-over-object position or jackknife position.

Spanking benches are usually made of wood (in some cases, of metal), and are usually upholstered where the weight of the spankee rests. Knee rests or ankle stocks are optional. They can have trestle legs or some other construction as a support.

The top on which the spankee's torso rests is either horizontal or slightly inclined such that the buttocks are a little higher than the head. The angle should not be too steep, or blood will rush into the spankee's head.

Spanking benches are often built individually by hobby craftsmen, but commercial products have also become available on Internet shops and from BDSM studio furniture suppliers.


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