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Spanking Tails is the name of a book series featuring F/F spanking art, a spanking story series by Maren Smith, and a spanking video.

The Gallery Girls Collection[edit]

Spanking Tails from "The Gallery Girls Collection" is published by Sal Quartuccio (S Q Publications). Paperback, 64 pages:

The Maren Smith series[edit]

These books by Maren Smith, available in paperback and e-book form, each contain four to nine spanking stories:

  • Spanking Tails volume I, ISBN 978-1608501861 (2007)
  • Spanking Tails volume II, ISBN 978-1608501007 (2008)
  • Spanking Tails volume III, ISBN 978-1608501021 (2008)
  • Spanking Tails volume IV, ISBN 978-1608501045 (2008)
  • Spanking Tails volume V, ISBN 978-1608501069 (2008)
  • Spanking Tails volume VI, ISBN 978-1608501083 (2008)
  • Spanking Tails volume VII, ISBN 978-1608502226 (2010)

The video[edit]

A spanking video titled Spanking Tails was produced in 1993 by Bare Bottom Video and features Tanya Foxx.