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Welcome to the Spanking Art wiki! Here is some help for new contributors to get started.

How do I login?[edit]

Click here to to log in or create a new account.

There is a "log in/create account" link at the very top right corner. Alternatively, go here to log in or create a new account.

When you're not logged in, you can edit wiki pages too, but you have several disadvantages:

  • When you're not logged in, you may have to enter a captcha on each edit.
  • When you're not logged in, your IP address is recorded with each edit in the system. When you're logged in, no IP address is recorded but only your username which ensures better privacy through anonymity/pseudonymity.
  • When you're not logged in, you can't use special functions such as uploading images.
  • When you're not logged in, you can't customize your preferences.

What is a wiki and how does it work?[edit]

Click on "edit" to edit a page.
A page opens that lets you do the editing, previewing and saving.
All revisions of a page are stored in the history.
Use the discussion page to discuss the article.

The basic idea of a wiki is that it is a website consisting of an unlimited number of pages that anyone can edit. With very few exceptions, you can edit any page of this wiki. Even the very page you are currently reading. See the tab "edit" above? That's where you click to edit the page.

If you're familiar with Wikipedia (or any other wiki), you can start editing here right away. If you're not, please refer to the following tutorials for the basics:

If you want to experiment, you can do so in our sandbox, which is a good place to play with wiki markup and such things. When you are ready to edit and create real articles, please read the Conventions that we ask you to follow. We also have Legal terms that talk about critical legal issues such as pornography, copyrights and licenses. How to upload your own images is a tutorial that explains step-by-step how you can put your own images into the wiki. Please also read our Image use policy before you upload any images.

We also have a Help page and a Community Portal. If you have any further questions, use the discussion page of the corresponding article, or feel free to ask Spankart on his talk page.

A useful advice[edit]

To get best started, it's not a bad idea to make some small edits at first, such as correcting spelling mistakes. Select "edit", find the word you want to edit, make the edit (leaving everything else unchanged), preview, and if it looks good, save your change.

This will gradually familiarize you with wiki syntax, formatting and style conventions. Whenever you want to know how some formatting was achieved, simply select "edit" on any article to view the source code without making any changes. You can also copy and paste markup from one article into another, e.g. for something complicated like a formatted table.

It is a good idea if you want to create a new article on, say, an author, to first look up a few existing articles on other authors to get a feeling for what contents might be good (e.g. biographic information such as the author's nationality) and how it might be formatted. Likewise do if you write a new article on a website, an artist, an actor, a company, a film, etc.

Finding information for articles[edit]

Good resources for finding information:

  • Go to Google and type define:term to see if you can find any existing definitions in online dictionaries and glossaries. For example, type define:spanking.
  • Try searching for this term on Wikipedia. If it is a general term, chances are high there is already a Wikipedia article on it.
  • Try Google to find web pages on this topic. If the lemma is more than one word, add enclose the phrase in double quotes. If you get many irrelevant results, add keywords to narrow in your search. For example, to find information on an author, artist or actor, try adding the keyword biography or something similar.
  • Use offline resources such as printed encyclopedias and other books.
  • If it is a BDSM-related term (e.g. bullwhip or ball gag), try searching for it in BDSM wikis such as Wipipedia.
  • Use Qwika to search for the term in other wikis.
  • If you speak other languages, try searching for the term in other languages to find more information.