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Any red link you come across on this site is a requested article. To create such a new article, just click on the red link and then type the contents in the edit box. See also How to get started. You can also create such links yourself while editing articles: just put the word or phrase in double square brackets [[like this]]. If the target exists, it will become a blue link, if it doesn't exist yet, it will become a red link.

Wanted articles[edit]

  Wanted articles

Our system keeps an automatic list of Wanted articles, sorted by the number of red links that point to them. You are invited and encouraged to browse this list for articles that you'd like to create.

Note 1: A wanted article may have a high number of incoming links because it is used in a a mediawiki function called a template (reusable contents that can be embedded in many pages). Often, interesting wanted articles have only 1-3 incoming links -- it is worthwhile to browse the list forward.

Note 2: Many of our wanted articles will already exist as articles in Wikipedia, so you can make your job much easier by reusing contents from there, which is a recommended practice (just be sure to add the {{Wikipedia-text|<name of the wikipedia source page>}} template if you do so).

Spanking websites[edit]

A big area we need more articles on is spanking websites. So if you find a good spanking-related website (for example this one), check if we already have an article on it (typically the article will be named like the site, in this case Spanking Facts and Research). If we don't, write a short article that describes what kind of material is found on this site, whether it's a free site or a pay site, and whatever else is interesting to know about the site.

Spanking in movies[edit]

Another area that needs expansion is Spanking in mainstream films. As you can see, we have already compiled a long list of movies that feature spanking scenes. Now we need to write the actual movie articles with details on the cast, plot and scene(s), with video clips and links. See the existing movie articles for examples how to do it. Tip: IMDB is a great aid, and Wikipedia also has good articles on many movies.


'Stubs' are short articles that are in need of expansion. Here is our List of stubs. Have a look, and if you can expand these articles, please do so.


Other lists where you can also find many red links are here: