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The Spanking Art wiki is an encyclopedic project. POV (point of view) contributions (personal opinions, etc.) are not permitted in the article namespace, only on user and discussion pages.

In particular, no part of any article in this wiki may condone or encourage violence against children (or adolescents or adults, for that matter). This includes any form of abuse – physical, emotional or sexual.

If you find any contents that violates this policy, please edit it, either by deletion or by properly marking the passage as an attributed or quoted POV.

Permissible contents[edit]

Note that it is perfectly permissible, however, to write factual NPOV (neutral point of view) information on the spanking of children. It is also allowed to quote POV statements provided that proper quoting practices are followed. Established facts should be stated as such, preferably with a citation, and opinions should be clearly identified as such. When there are several clearly identifiable opinions or points of view on a subject, all should be given, with properly identified sources.

Note that we also explicitly allow the uploading of artwork depicting children getting spanked, if these are fictional drawings, paintings or CG art and clearly under the threshold of photorealism (e.g. comic, cartoon, manga or anime style drawings). For such an image to be permissible to upload, it must not be obscene (as defined by U.S. law), it must not fall under the U.K. definition of an indecent pseudo-photograph of a child, and it must be no copyright infringement or license violation. The same applies to legal images of adolescents or adults getting spanked, and to adult BDSM images.

Photographs of minors (persons under the age of 18) are no longer permitted in this wiki.



  • text that condones or encourages violence against children -> not permissible
  • text that says that there was violence against children in history -> ok
  • text that says that there is violence against children in the world today -> ok
  • text that quotes someone who condoned or encouraged violence against children -> ok

Images in general:

  • any obscene or pornographic image -> not permissible
  • any copyrighted image under fair use claim -> not permissible
  • any copyrighted image without a free license -> not permissible
  • any image that is not clearly in the public domain without stating the source -> not permissible


  • any photo of a minor -> not permissible
  • non-obscene photo of a nude adult (e.g. this) -> ok
  • non-obscene photo of an adult spanking (e.g. this) -> ok
  • non-obscene photo of adult human body parts, including genitalia (e.g. this) -> ok
  • non-obscene photo of child human body parts, including genitalia -> not permissible
  • non-obscene photo of a contemporary adult (e.g. this) -> ok, but the person may object to how their photo is used (see personality rights, to be resolved on a case-by-case basis)

Drawings, paintings, computer graphics, etc:

  • any indecent pseudo-photograph of a child -> not permissible
  • non-obscene, non-photorealistic artwork of a childs spanking (e.g. this) -> ok
  • non-obscene, non-photorealistic artwork of a nude adult or adult spanking (e.g. this) -> ok

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