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The following press release text is public domain. If you have a spanking related blog, news site, forum, web group, mailing list etc., please feel free to post it to your readers.

Our 3000th image: "I had forgotten how convenient Dr. Dentons are" by Collegeboy.

25 November 2011: The world's biggest encyclopedia on spanking and spanking art, the Spanking Art wiki, has reached the milestone of 3000 images.

The 3000th image is a colorized cartoon by the artist Collegeboy, who has kindly given permission to release all of his artworks under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA.

All of the wiki's 3000 images are free images in the sense of either public domain or under a copyleft license that explicitly permits reuse under the terms of the license. Such licensing ensures that the material is free and will always remain free.

The Spanking Art team gives their thanks everyone who helped build this amazing and continually growing repository of knowledge and art.