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Spanking 101 (a.k.a. Spanking 101: The Videos and is a spanking video company based in Texas. It was created by Paul Rogers (aka Tubaman). The videos are sold through various online clip sites.

Style and content[edit]

The majority of the videos feature M/F scenarios with Rogers in the role of disciplinarian (father, uncle, teacher, principal, etc.) in domestic and school settings. There is also a lesser number of all-female (F/F) stories and a few combined M/F and F/F titles.

Rogers has been a fixture in the spanking community for decades and began by demonstrating techniques at seminars and private gatherings. The educational aspect of his work has continued in a number of demonstration-based videos (see list below).


Rogers is in a lifestyle "Daddy" roleplay relationship with well-known spanking actress Sarah Gregory (owner of Sarah Gregory Spanking, Momma Spankings, et al.). As a result, Gregory -- as well as her lifestyle "Mommy" Dana Specht -- have appeared in numerous videos for Rogers.

Other established actresses who have worked with Rogers include Amelia Jane Rutherford, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Pandora Blake, Leia-Ann Woods, Alex Reynolds, Erica Scott, Lily Starr, Kat St. James, Ten Amorette, Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose, and Christy Cutie.

Selected titles[edit]

  • Bedtime Spanking - Sarah Gregory
  • Burning Blue - Sarah Gregory
  • Burnt Rope Martinet Technique - Ten Amorette
  • Butt Battle No. 1 - Ten Amorette, Adriana Evans
  • Chastised Cowgirl - Sarah Gregory
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom! - Sarah Gregory
  • Christy's Cheerleader Punishment - Christy Cutie
  • Christy's Schoolgirl Spankings - Christy Cutie
  • Coal Shovel Chastisement - Ashley Graham, photos
  • Cornertime - Lily Starr
  • Erica Meets the Hairbrush - Erica Scott
  • Flat Spatula Technique
  • Flogger Technique - Sarah Gregory
  • Four Girls vs The Principal - Stevie Rose
  • Galas OTK - Sarah Gregory
  • Good Bottom, Bad Bottom - Sarah Gregory, Kat St. James
  • Good Scolding - Sarah Gregory spanked by Dana Specht
  • GWNN Bash Educational Series
  • Hairbrush Types and Techniques - Erica Scott
  • Harley's and Ava's Triple Threat - Harley Havik, Ava Nicole
  • Hard Bondage Plus Spanking - Chelsea Pfeiffer, photos


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