Spanker sitting, spankee standing

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Spanker sitting, spankee standing is a spanking position. It is a variant of the standing position in which the spankee is standing while the spanker is sitting. The spankee will usually stand to the side of the spanker. The spanker can hold the spankee e.g. around their waist, hip or thigh with one hand while spanking their bottom with the other hand or with an implement.

This position is more comfortable for the spanker than the position in which both are standing, but requires a cooperative spankee who holds still during the chastisement, as the spanker has less physical power of control when sitting. The spanker also can not spank as hard in this position as in others. So it is a position suitable for light spankings, fun spankings, or erotic spankings. The position also affords the spanker access to the spankee's genitals.

A special case of this position is the standing-between-legs position, in which the spankee stands between the seated spanker's legs.