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Southland Academy is a private, co-educational, non-sectarian Christian college preparatory day school in Americus, Georgia, with over 600 students in grades K through 12, covering ages 4 through 19.[1]

Established in 1967, the school is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Georgia Accrediting Association, and is a member of the Georgia Independent Schools Association (GISA).

The campus comprises 55 acres. The main buildings are a 4K building and a 5K building, elementary, junior high and high school buildings, the Charles F. Crisp Media and Technology Center, the Jane L. Comer Music Room, the Melvin T. Kinslow gymnatorium, a lower-school gymnasium, an Academic Center and a cafeteria. The two-story gymnatorium, now renovated, has a performance stage as well as a new lobby area.

There are also playgrounds, tennis courts, a baseball field, two softball fields, a football stadium, and a practice area for football and soccer. In addition to 51 classrooms, there is a chemistry lab, a biology lab, three computer labs, and two art rooms.

Ethos, customs, discipline[edit]

The school states that it aims to provide students with a Christian atmosphere conducive to learning and good citizenship.

All students must sign the Southland Academy Honor Code against cheating, lying, stealing and plagiarism.

Southland Academy's discipline policy allows corporal punishment by means of paddling across the buttocks for all boys and young men up to and including grade 12, and girls up to and including grade 5. Either the Headmaster or the Assistant Headmaster is present at every spanking. The school reserves the right to administer corporal punishment as a first line of punishment for acts of misconduct. In appropriate cases, parents may be notified afterwards.

An earlier requirement that female students may be spanked only by female staff has been rescinded. In some circumstances CP may be a first resort. A previous version of the school's website stated that parents could file a notice refusing consent to CP, but that has gone and clearly does not now apply. Indeed, the current version makes clear that parents will not necessarily even be informed after the event.

The present enrollment contract requires (and does not merely invite) parents to sign that they consent to the discipline policy, explicitly including CP up to and including grade 12 for boys.

Southland Academy requires students to follow a strict dress code. Random drug testing is carried out on all students in grades 8 through 12.


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