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To be sorry means to be in an emotional state of sorrow or regret. In the case of a personal guilt, it may also be a state of remorse.

"I'm sorry" or just "sorry" is the most common phrase of apology in the English language. It can be intensified, if necessary, as "very sorry", "so sorry", "terribly sorry", "really sorry", etc.

An interesting linguistic aspect is that "sorry" is an adjective that has no corresponding noun — the word "sorriness" exists, but only has the meaning "worthlessness". One's best choice is to use a related noun such as "regret", although this captures only some connotations of the word "sorry".

Other use[edit]

  • The adjective "sorry" can also mean "bad", "unfortunate" or "good-for-nothing". A "sorry state" can describe a person, place or thing that's in poor condition.
  • "Sorry?" is used as a request for someone to repeat something not heard or understood clearly.
  • "You'll be sorry" is a phrase of warning referring to the direct or indirect consequences of one's actions. In a disciplinary context, it is a threat of punishment for bad behavior.

Use in spanking[edit]

"I'm sorry" is a phrase commonly used by the spankee as an apology (before, during and/or after the spanking). The reply can often be "I'll give you something to be sorry about" or "not as sorry as you're going to be."

The spanker may also comment on the spankee as being in a "sorry" state, before, during or after the punishment, such as in the exclamation: "What a sorry pair of sinners we have here!"

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