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Spanking scene from Our Gang "When the Wind Blows" showing typical U.S. boy's nightwear of the 1930s: drop-seat pajamas and nightgown.

Sleepwear, also known as nightwear, is clothing for sleeping.


Sleepwear can be warm or cool, depending on the climate, season, bedding and individual preference, and is usually loose-fitting and more comfortable than clothing worn for daytime activities.

Sleepwear can overlap with the category underwear, particularly historically. Today, typically either no underwear is worn under sleepwear, or just panties, briefs or boxer briefs.

Some items of sleepwear are unisex while others are typically worn only by males or females - this depends also on the age, era and region.

There are also items of sleepwear specifically designed for babies and toddlers, such as the blanket sleeper.


From the pajama spanking series, Ostra Studio (c. 1930s).


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