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Two girls get spanked during a sleepover in a rendered art by Salalo.

A sleepover is when a friend visits and stays overnight instead of returning home at the end of the day. This is normally a childhood or teenage activity, for adults have overnight guests instead. It is more usual to only have one friend over at a time, but sometimes multiple friends will be over at once for a slumber party (aka pajama party). In the UK, teenagers sometimes call a sleepover a crash.

Sleepovers are sometimes held at a birthday party or similar event. The host and guest(s) may often sleep on makeshift bedding such as mattresses put on the floor. The guest(s) may sometimes bring their bedtime things, such as pajamas, pillows or sleeping bags.

Common activities[edit]

Typical participant activities include staying up late, talking, eating and playing until falling asleep, which sometimes never happens for a few energy-high guests. Common activities include playing board games or video games, having pillow fights, watching movies, ordering pizza, eating sweets, playing Truth or Dare, building forts out of pillows and blankets, or, for girls, having a "spa night", in which girls polish their nails and toes and put on face masques. Sleepovers are practiced by both girls and boys when they are younger, but as they get older more commonly continued by girls.

Groups of adolescents and young adults, both males and females, may drink alcohol and/or do other (possibly fun-but-not-so-clever) party activities at one of the participant's home before ending the night in a sleepover.

Sleepovers and spanking[edit]

When children, especially preteens, are going to a sleepover, the visiting friend is normally admonished to be on their "best behavior" by their parents. Experience knows that it is often easier to get in trouble with another egging you on. The host parents will be acting in loco parentis for the guest during their stay, and there is the theoretical (and practical) possibility that if the kids get into mischief, the friend staying overnight may be sent home (ending all potential fun left on the visit).

Alternatively, the guilty child may accept a reproof and/or punishment for their misbehavior. Typically the host and guest get into trouble together, so they might be punished equally as well. The scenario of a sleepover spanking by the host parents is probably rare in real life, but popular in spanking fiction.

There is also a chapter titled "Sleepover" in Melody's Stories.

Films and spanking videos[edit]

  • Slumber Party '57 (1977), 1950s period-piece drama with teenage girl spanked by her father.
  • Live Nude Girls (1995), mainstream drama with adult pajama party and spanking scenes.

Spanking videos

  • Bring Me Daddy's Belt (Dana Kane Spanks)
  • Sent Home From The Slumber Party (Universal Spanking and Punishments), Mackenzie Reed, photos
  • Slumber Party Gone Wrong (Delco Video Productions)

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