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A submissive young lady reports to her dom for a paddling. Artwork by Wolfheart (2021).

A slave position is one of a set of body poses and positions that are trained to slaves by their masters in BDSM. The same concept, however, is also often used in other BDSM relationships such as dominants/submissives or the general case of tops/bottoms.


These positions are useful because the top can verbally put the bottom into a position for a wide variety of purposes ranging from mere waiting positions to positions for inspection, punishment, dressing/undressing, putting on restraints, sexual activities and many more. The idea is that the top has an easy and instant verbal means to make the bottom assume a certain position, anytime and anywhere. To this end, commonly used positions are given short names so that they can be easily referred to.

For the bottom, it can be a thrill to be aware that they are positionable like a life-size doll or mannequin, completely passive and at their top's will and command. It is often emphasized that good slave positions will display the bottom's beauty and grace, rather than making him or her look stupid. For slaves, they will also enhance their feeling of being totally owned. Slave positions are a form of mental bondage.

Learning to assume these positions immediately, correctly, and to hold them until receiving a further command is usually part of a bottom's early training. Typically this training will begin with the most simple, basic and important positions and gradually include more specialized positions.

Typical properties[edit]

Most positions are symmetric and involve the entire body, i.e. they define exactly where and how all of the bottom's limbs are placed and what's the posture of his/her torso, neck and head. Most basic positions do not involve any furniture, just a free space on the floor. But one can also define positions that involve sitting, kneeling on, lying on, bending over, etc. various items of furniture. Slave positions by themselves should ideally never be uncomfortable so that a) they can be held for many minutes, b) uncomfort, whenever desired, can be added by the top.

A command to assume a certain position will often include further instructions such as:

  • the exact place (often done in body language by pointing to the place. By default, the current place)
  • the facing direction (e.g. "facing me", "facing the wall". By default, facing the current direction)
  • modifications to the standard position


An Example of a slave pose, the shoulders straight, bottom resting on the heels, thighs spread, by RobM.

Gorean slave positions[edit]

John Norman's Chronicles of Gor, a series of 26 novels that combine philosophy, erotica and science fiction, published between 1967 and 2001, also define slave positions. These are highly valued in the BDSM-influenced Gorean subculture which allows and promotes sexual master/slave relationships, which are almost exclusively maledom/femsub (M/F).

The Gorean slave positions are often more than mere positions, they also describe a motion such as walking or crawling.

Bara or Belly
The slave falls to her stomach, face down to the floor and turned to the left, crosses her wrists behind her back, and similarly crosses her ankles, legs straight, in preparation for binding. "Bara" is the Gorean word for "belly."
Belly or Belly to
The slave falls to the floor, face down, arms at her sides, legs spread wide as she crawl to the Freeperson.
Bracelets or chaining
The slave stands with her head turned to the left and places her hands behind the back, shoulders pushed back, hips slightly turned to one side, back and shoulders erect, chest thrust outward, with wrists crossed behind the back in anticipation of having slave bracelets attached to the wrists.
The slave gets down on all fours with her palms flat on the floor, bottom high in the air, forehead close but not to the floor, as she crawls inch by inch to the Freeperson.
The slave stands with legs slightly parted, enough for a hand to be placed between her legs, standing on the balls of her feet with the back and legs straight. The chin is level to the ground, eyes lowered in respect and submission with wrists crossed behind the small of her back.
Gorean Bow
The slave kneels in nadu position and bends the her body backwards, head to the floor, placing hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (not found in the novels)
Gorean Usage or classic Usage
The slave falls to all fours, head up, eyes forward, thighs spread wide, bottom thrust into the air, to await the use of the Freeperson. (not found in the novels)
In this position the slave stands, feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Freeperson desires.
The slave goes to Freeperson and kneels behind his left foot, awaiting his movement where upon the slave stays to his left and slightly behind him following the Freeperson as he moves usually in an open area about 10ft behind him and to the left, in crowded areas the slave may heel one step behind him on his left. However, a slave who is not in favor of the Freeperson will be commanded to kneel and heel upon the Freeperson's right side.
The slave stands and lifts her arms above her head elbows bent slightly, wrists crossed, tilting the head back and licking her parted lips. The slave turns her hips to her Freeperson and bends her knees slightly. The slave's head is turned to the left offering her collar as well.
The slave kneels on the floor, thighs spread widely to allow her chest upon the floor, leaning forward and placing her chest and forehead against the floor, reaching out with arms fully extended, palms against floor. Ankles may be crossed or uncrossed. Shows utmost respect. Requests by slaves may be made from this position. (not found in the novels)
This position is very similar to Karta but in this a slave's wrists are crossed. The slave kneels with her knees wide apart and lays her head to the floor. The slave's forehead is down, and arms are stretched over the head with the wrists crossed, lying quietly.
Ko-lar (collar) or submission
The slave kneels, thighs spread, arms raised straight over her head, with her wrists crossed.
Leading Position
The slave stands and moves behind the Freeperson bending at the waist. The slave places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head against the Freeperson's hip, that he might lead the slave easily by the hair or collar while walking. (Similiar to the position of Hair)
Lesha or Binding
The slave kneels with her back to the Freeperson, with chin lifted and head turned to the left, offering her collar for leashing. Wrists are behind her back, ready, if needed, to be snapped into slave bracelets or bound. ("Lesha" translates to the Earth word "leash.")
High Lesha
The slave stands with her back to the Freeperson, hands crossed at the small of the back, feet in line with her shoulders, back and shoulders slightly arched, chest thrusting forward, head held high and tilted to the left with eyes lowered in respect and submission.
Master’s Kiss
The Freeperson takes the slave's hair in his hand and yanks back the slave's head hard as he pulls back on her hair exposing the neck and face to him. The Freeperson then attacks the slave's lips with his own lips kissing them passionately and powerfully, taking her top lip between his teeth and biting down on it. The Freeperson then takes the slave's bottom lip and sucks on it biting down on it as well as he continue to kiss the slave. The Freeperson then kisses the exposed neck of the slave and drags his tongue across the slave's neck.
The slave sits upon her heels with her back and shoulders straight, chest out, belly in, and head up, with eyes averted slightly downcast. The slaves thighs are open, widely spread and hands rest upon her thighs palms downward (upward for her owner or someone special at times). "Nadu" come from the Gorean word for "kneel" and it is also called the position of a pleasure slave.
The slave lays upon her stomach, face down before the Freeperson turning her head and placing her cheek against his feet. She kisses the Freeperson's feet lightly in a gesture of love and submission.
three variations
This command is can be either ordered by the Freeperson or begged for by the slave. The slave is usually always in the nadu position at a Freeperson's feet. The slave then leans over and starting at his feet, begins to lick, kiss and stroke them, working her way up the Freeperson's body, pleasuring them with her lips, tongue, and hands to the very best of her ability.
The slave kneels and touches her forehead to the floor, stretching her hands out before her with palms face down, fingers spread. (not found in the novels)
When this command is given, the slave runs toward her objective, taking short rapid steps, with legs almost straight, feet hardly leaving the floor. As she moves, her back is straight, head is turned to the left, and arms are at her sides, palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle to the body. Upon reaching the objective the slave drops gracefully to her knees and typically resumes the position of nadu.
She Sleen
Also known as "assuming the modality of the she-quadruped." In this position, the slave falls to her hands and knees, head down on the floor, forearms resting flush to the ground, thighs spread wide, with hindquarters upthrust for the viewing or the Freeperson's pleasure. "Serving in the modality of the she-quadruped" is an instruction whereby the slave performs her regular duties upon hands and knees, without the benefit of the use of her hands. In this mode the slave may not rise to her feet and may use only her mouth and teeth to grasp and manipulate objects.
Slave Lips
The slave assumes nadu or tower, then her wrists are crossed behind her back instead of upon her thighs. This gives the effect of her chest or breasts being thrust forward even further.
Slaver’s Kiss Position
The slave falls to the floor upon all fours, and lowers her head to the ground, with her bottom thrust upward and her thighs widely spread, exposing her hindquarters fully in preparation for the caress of the leather against her body.
When this command is given, the slave stands with her left hip out and the toes of the left foot pointed. Belly is in, head up, eyes down, arms to sides with palms facing forward.
Sula or Prone
In this position, a slave lays upon her back, hands at her sides, palms upward, legs widely spread, to await the Freeperson's pleasure or inspection.
Same as sula but slave lifts her hips off the floor. (not found in the novels)
The slave goes down on all fours, locking elbows, making the back smooth and level and holding the head level so that the Freeperson may use her as a table. (not found in the novels)
The slave assumes nadu or tower, then her wrists are crossed behind her back instead of upon her thighs. This gives the effect of her chest or breasts being thrust forward even further, enhancing the appearance.
Tile Position
When Freepersons pass by in a hallway, room, or otherwise, a slave is to stop what she is doing and go down to her knees into tower or nadu, and then quickly lower her forehead to the floor, her arms outstretched and remain in this still position until the free person, or persons have completely passed by, or the Freeperson decides to command the slave otherwise.
It is the same as nadu except the thighs are closed modestly together. This variation is typically reserved for new or white silk slaves or slaves who serve her owner in a non-sexual way. The Tower position is also used by all slaves serving drinks to a Freeperson of the same gender as themselves.
When this command is given, the slave turns in a graceful pirouette, hair swinging. The slave then walks, gliding across the room, feet hardly seeming to leave the floor, hips swaying sensually, body erect and proud. When the slave reaches the objective she halts and stands, body erect, shoulders back, chest thrust forward, belly in. The slave turns her hips out a bit, hands at her sides, and points one foot. The head is up and the eyes are lowered.
Whipping Position
In this position the slave is on her knees in the nadu position, hands are in front crossing at the wrists over the breasts. The slave then becomes hunched over, head turned to the left touching the floor, tossing the hair over one side of the shoulders so that the back might be utterly exposed to the whip and to also keep the fine blades of the Gorean slave whip from cutting the slave's hair. After this position is used, the slave drops to the ground on her belly and kisses the Freeperson's feet, thanking him for spending his precious time on such a slave.

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