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Leather slapper, one side of the business end with holes.

Slappers and flappers are spanking implements that are similar to a strap or leather paddle. The handle is usually stiffened, while the business end is left flexible.

This instrument can optionally be designed to make a louder sound on impact by two pieces of material slapping together.

In horseriding[edit]

In horseriding, a slapper is used to startle the horse with a loud noise. It is also called a pig slapper. An example is here.

For spanking[edit]

A flapper with a hole to raise blisters.

Flappers were occasionally used to spank children. Here is a description of a flapper with a hole in its middle that raised blisters:

A piece of tanned buckskin, six inches square, with a round hole in the middle large enough for me to thrust my thumb through, fastened to a wooden handle,—this was the flapper; and when it was brought down heavily upon one's bare flesh, a blister was raised, the full size of the hole in the leather.
  MARY OF PLYMOUTH: A Story of the Pilgrim Settlement by James Otis

In BDSM[edit]

In the BDSM and spankophile community, various implements are called "slapper" or "flapper". Often they resemble the above designs, while variations are also found, for example the business end can be a single length of leather that is looped. Besides leather, sometimes other materials are used, such as rubber or silicone.

Slappers/flappers come with a characteristic smack that's typical of an elastic material that has some weight to it. There may be one or more holes cut into one or both sides of the business end to reduce air resistance, and possibly, if swung hard, to raise blisters.

Other meaning of 'flapper'[edit]

A flapper.

Flapper can also refer to a type of young Western woman from the 1910s and 1920s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior. A flapper cut her hair, wore make-up, wore short skirts, listened to Jazz, went to parties, smoked cigarettes through long holders, and dated freely.

For an example of this usage in a spanking context, see Two Flappers in Paris.