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A sister is a female sibling. Male siblings are called brothers.

The sister of a mother or father is an aunt to her nephews and nieces.

  • sororal (adjective) - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a sister or sisters; sisterly.
Related forms
  • sororally (adverb)

Sisters in spanking art[edit]

Older sisters are sometimes left in charge of younger brothers and sisters (in the role of a babysitter, as it were), especially during times when the parents are both absent.

In Japanese based references, Oneesan or Ane can refer to older sisters and imouto can refer to a younger sister.

Spanking videos[edit]

Below are six groups of videos from various producers that feature real-life sisters:

  • All Girls Get Spanked (Pacific Force) stars Bobbi Brandt and her real life sister Sloan

Videos featuring real-life sisters Kailee and spankee Lily Robinson:

  • Lily's Hard Belting (RealStrappings), photos
  • Lily's Hard OTK Spanking (OTK-Spankings), photos
  • Lily's Hard Strapping (RealStrappings), photos
  • Lily's Punishment Profile (OTK-Spankings), Kailee spanks Lily
  • Lily's School Room Strapping (RealStrappings, 2006), photos

Titles with Stevie Rose and sisters Skylar Rose and Veda Rose:

  • Bared Over Daddy's Knee (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie and Veda Rose paddled together
  • Breaking the Rules (Momma Spankings, 2017), Stevie Rose and sister Veda Rose punished together.
  • Discipline Audition: The Rose Sisters (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose and Vada Rose punished together.
  • Family Business - Finale (Worst Behavior Productions) Stevie, Veda, Skylar
  • Family Business - Our Paychecks are Wrong (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie punished by Veda and Skylar.
  • Family Business - Skylar is Late Again (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie spanks Skylar
  • Family Business - Veda Caught Watching Porn (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie spanks Veda
  • I Promise Not to Be a Disrespectful Brat (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose paddles Skylar
  • Irresponsible Behavior (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose Spanks Skylar
  • Setting A Bad Example - Skylar Spanks Stevie For Drinking Too Much (I Heart Spanking, 2021), alcohol, photos
  • Setting A Better Example 2 - Skylar Rose Paddles Stevie Rose (I Heart Spanking, 2021), photos
  • Skylar's Selfish Behavior (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose spanks Skylar
  • Sneaky Slutty Sisters Spanked (Momma Spankings, 2020), Stevie and Skylar Rose punished.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 2 (I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose, her mother and little sister Vada get spanked.
  • Stevie Gets Her (Actual) Sister Spanked (Loren Punishments/PunishmentsOnly, 2018), Stevie and Skylar Rose get punished (video).
  • Tears by Stevie: Little Sister's Attitude Adjustment (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose spanks Veda Rose.
  • Three Sisters Belt Whipped and Paddled Together (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie, Veda, and Skylar Rose
  • Too Big for Her Britches (ATP Studios, 2021), Stevie Rose spanks Skylar Rose, photos
  • Trick or Treat (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie spanks Veda
  • Turning the Tables (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Veda Paddles Stevie
  • Veda Rose Spanked by Sister Stevie (Triple A Spanking, 2021)
  • Weekly Beating For The Rose Sisters (ATP Studios, 2021), Stevie and Veda Rose, photos
  • What Would Mom Do? (Northern Spanking, c. 2020), Stevie spanks Skylar, photos

Disciplinary Arts co-owner Kat St. James and her real-life stepsister Sam James have appeared (as spankees) in several videos together such as:

  • Game Night Series: Girl Spanko Poker
  • Game Night Series: Spanko Hide-and-Seek
  • Game Night Series: Spanko Truth or Dare
  • Rent-A-Sister (Sam rents Kat out online for a M/F spanking)
  • Sister Trouble, Part 1 (both sisters spanked by their father)

Northern Spanking titles with Amy Hunter and her half-sister Lucy McLean:

  • Amy's Admission Interview, Part 1
  • Amy's Admission Interview, Part 2 - photos
  • The Piano Lesson - Amy spanked by Lucy, photos

Videos featuring Lili Swan and her sister Madison Swan

The following films depict fictional sisters punishing each other unless otherwise noted in the description:

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