Silicone wristband

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Two different silicone wristbands - the left is softer, the right is tighter.
Yellow wristband from Livestrong.

A silicone wristband, also known as cause wristband, silicone bracelet, awareness bracelet, gel bracelet or jelly bracelet, is a wristband made of silicone. Silicone wristbands (in many colors, typically with a name or phrase engraved) have come up as fashion articles in 2005 or so and are currently available in practically any country on earth at very low price. They are worn by kids, teens and adults. Often, the wristband has a debossed word on it, such as to demonstrate the wearer's support of a cause or charitable organization.

Use as a pervertible[edit]

A silicone wristband can be used as a cock-and-ball-ring, a type of cockring that goes over the base of the penis and scrotum together. This creates a certain pressure at their base, pushing the genitals forward, which some men find erotic and/or effective in getting, improving, or maintaining an erection. It can be used to improve masturbation, sexual intercourse, and male genitorture.

For this use, make sure the bracelet is not too tight or twisted and no skin of the scrotum is jammed in. Pull back the bracelet as far as possible towards the perineum for the best effect. If the bracelet is too loose (ineffective) or too tight (uncomfortable), try different sizes and materials to see which work best for you.

A wristband can also be used for breast bondage on a submissive female.

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