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A safety razor, shaving brush, and mug with shaving soap.
Pubic shaving (male).

Shaving is the removal of hair with the means of a sharp blade that cuts the hair off to the level of the skin. Other methods of hair removal include plucking (e.g. waxing), chemical removal and laser epilation.

Reasons for shaving are manifold; they include religious, hygienic, aesthetic, sports-related and erotic reasons.

Methods and types[edit]

There are different types of shavers, usually broken down into two main categories "wet" and "dry". Wet shaving is usually non-electric and dry shaving is usually electric, although there are a few exceptions.

Females are far more prone to head shaving then males, because it is socially acceptable for males to have bald heads. Shaving a woman's head without permission is a crime and is treated as such.

In shaving, the hair is cut off at the point where it grows out of the skin. The part of the hair that is inside the skin remains unaffected. This means that the skin is smooth only for a short time: the beard hair of a male may grow fast enough to build a visible "five o'clock shadow" in less than one day.

Any body hair can be shaved. Common examples, from top to toe:

  • head hair shaving (monks, skinheads, punks, etc.)
  • beard shaving (male)
  • armpit shaving (mostly female)
  • chest/back hair shaving (rare)
  • arm shaving (rare)
  • pubic hair shaving (male and female)
  • leg shaving (mostly female)

The shaving can be done by oneself or by another person.

A preference for hairless genitals is called acomoclitic.

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