Securing the spankee's legs

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A housewife receives her weekly maintenance spanking


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"Dr. Mom", artwork by Sassy Bottoms


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Artwork by Comixpank.


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F/f drawing by bobae80/Redbottom.

Securing the spankee's legs is a technique used by the spanker in the over-the-knee position that prevents the spankee from kicking their legs. It is also good for improved physical control when the spankee is struggling or wriggling a lot in general.


The spanker takes and locks one or both legs of the spankee between his or her own legs, such that the position becomes an "over-one-knee, spanker seated" position. Kicking is thus effectively prevented. The position becomes a little more uncomfortable for the spankee as they lie over one thigh instead of two. As a side effect, it and also causes a sharper bend of the spankee's body.

Securing the spankee's legs is also possible in the frontal over-the-lap position (but more difficult for the spanker due to the position of the spankee which is more frontal than sideways) and in other positions such as the lying position.

The help of clothing[edit]

When the spankee is wearing pants (or shorts) that were pulled down, but not taken off, these can also help in making kicking difficult. It is also possible to tie the spankee's legs together with parts of his/her pulled-down clothing, a belt, fabric belt or similar. For example, if the spankee was wearing a belt, that can be retightened when the pants are down.

Some people prefer the spankee's legwear at their knees, others at their ankles. At the ankles, kicking is prevented more effectively, but there is the danger that the pants may come off completely. One special technique is to make the spankee step out of their pants, then pulling their underwear (briefs or panties) down to their ankles, and then, standing on one leg, letting the spankee make several circular turns with one of their legs such that the underwear twists and tightens and thus becomes an effective bondage that can not come off and strongly keeps the spankee's legs together. (Warning: may damage the underwear.)


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