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Sailor-fuku (Japanese school uniform for girls) for summer.
Japanese school uniform with pleated microskirt.

A school uniform is the required clothing worn by students at certain schools. Customs and rules vary greatly from one country to another: in the United States, the majority of public schools do not require uniforms, but in Singapore they are compulsory at all schools, not only at primary and secondary level but also for students at post-secondary institutions. Secondary schools (to a much greater extent than primary schools) in the United Kingdom traditionally required very distinctive uniforms, and many of them still do. Many Commonwealth countries formerly part of the British Empire also continue this tradition, and South Korea has adopted it even though that was never a British territory.

Types of uniforms[edit]

The standard school uniform typically contains such items as a hat or cap, tie, plain white or blue shirt, blazer/jacket/sweater (sometimes with a school insignia breast patch), conservative shoes (black loafers, flats, etc.), knee-length socks/tights/stockings, trousers, skirts, and even specified underwear (see regulation knickers) to be worn by the schoolboy or schoolgirl.

Sometimes half the clothing is unisex, with boys and girls wearing the same type of shirt, tie, and jacket. Girls generally wear a pleated skirt (Catholic schools prefer navy blue or plaid patterns) with long socks. Some private schools opt for a simple polo shirt in solid colors, such as burgundy, with matching knee socks for girls (socks and shirts are often the same color to create a unified look). In some schools the girls' uniform includes a pull-over dress.

There is also often a separate uniform of Physical Education classes and other sports activities — this can be true even in schools that don't otherwise have a school uniform. This kit often consists of gym shorts and a t-shirt or singlet along with ankle socks and plimsoll or sneakers.

A school uniform code (the rules governing the uniform) may regulate, for example, the style of a girl's hat, the length of her skirt, or the colour of a boy's tie.

Uniform dress codes might also include rules about a student's hair. For example, a requirement that a boy's hair not be longer than the collar, or that older students must be clean shaven.

Popular culture[edit]

An anime girl in a type of Japanese school uniform.(sailor fuku)

In Japan, school uniforms are often in a sailor suit style, which has become a fetishized garment. Girls in this type of uniform are frequently depicted in exploitation films, pornographic videos and magazines, manga comics, and mainstream animated fantasy-adventure series such as the popular Sailor Moon.

An unidentified Japanese video showing a girl in a sailor suit uniform being severely punished can be seen on YouTube.

The Mexican sitcom Cero en conducta (1998 to 2003) features adults, including very sexy women in revealing sailor-type school uniforms, pretending to be children in a classroom setting. Virtually every episode contains scenes of students (male and female) getting spanked with a ruler by their teachers. (Video clip on YouTube.)

Roleplay and adult films[edit]

Mexican sitcom Cero en conducta features adults playing school children with especially skimpy, sailor-type uniforms for the girls.

The schoolgirl ensemble, much like the cheerleader uniform, has become a popular object of erotic fantasy symbolizing youthful, innocent sex appeal. The uniform has been turned into everything from a best-selling Halloween costume to sexy stripper-wear for exotic dancers, as well as the preferred costume used by role-playing specialty prostitutes.

Among couples, the uniform has become ubiquitous in sexual roleplay with the female pretending to be a flirty schoolgirl while the male plays an authority figure, typically a school principal. It's popularity might also be due to the fact that, unlike other uniforms, the schoolgirl look is easy to replicate. All one needs is a white shirt, tie, skirt, and white socks.

To create a more girlish look, hair is often worn in pigtails or braids with colorful hair ties or ribbons added.

The uniform, which hints at forbidden sexuality with young girls, has also been widely exploited by the adult film industry in thousands of pornographic films. The uniform helps to create the illusion of an 18-year-old seductress and to flaunt a "barely legal" or "Lolita" allure that has spawned countless best-selling videos.

The "naughty" schoolgirl is also the most frequently used character in fetish films involving bondage and corporal punishment. Virtually every producer of spanking videos features a line of titles involving uniformed schoolgirls who get punished for their misdeeds by a parent, teacher, or principal. Such is their popularity that a number of companies (Girls Boarding School, Headmaster's Office, Spanked Schoolgirl, et al.) are entirely devoted to producing only schoolgirl punishment videos.


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