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Roman sandals

A sandal is an open top footwear with a solid sole designed for outdoor use. Sandals primarily attach the sole to the foot via a vamp (solid or adjustable) over the instep. They often also have an ankle strap attached to the vamp and to the heel of the sole.

Some regions distinguish these from a variant comprised of a thin nonadjustable vamp over the base of the toes connected to a post that slips in between the toes as jandals, thongs or flip-flops. These never have an ankle strap.

Sandals and spanking[edit]

A Greek boy is beaten with a sandal.

Sandals can be used in slipperings. Due to their more solid soles they can be nastier than slippers but lighter than plimsolls.

A spanker wearing flip-flops (not spanking with them) in a rendered artwork by Salalo (2013).

Sandals are popular for spanking in many countries, probably because they are within quick reach. According to Urban Dictionary, "la chancla" is a Spanish word for a flipflop when used by a mother to spank her child's butt.[1][2] A spanking meme shows a flip-flop sandal with the text "what it is" and the same sandal edited to look like an automatic fireweapon, with the text "what what it looks like in mom's hands".

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