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San Francisco is a city in California, United States. The City and County of San Francisco has a population of about 860,000. Located on the entrance of a bay in the Pacific Ocean, the city and its surrounding areas are known as the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco was established by colonists from Spain in 1776; its name is Spanish for Saint Francis. The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth, making it the largest city on the West Coast at the time. After World War II, San Francisco became a center of liberal activism in the United States, known for its "hippie" counterculture, the Sexual Revolution, the Peace Movement, the Summer of Love and the gay rights movement.

BDSM and spanking in San Francisco[edit]

San Francisco is home to the Society of Janus, a BDSM education and support group founded in 1974. San Francisco has a sizeable leather and BDSM scene that runs the festival Folsom Street Fair since 1984, the world's largest leather event and showcase for BDSM products and culture. The Exotic Erotic Ball is another kink-friendly annual event that is unique to the city. is a major San Francisco spanking company based in a fortress-like historical armory that produces hardcore BDSM and spanking videos and manages a group of fetish-related websites.

The M/M spanking video company Man's Hand Films used to be based in San Francisco, but moved headquarters to Los Angeles in 2000. They are also known for their M/M spanking magazine Red Tails.

Redboard Video is a former spanking video producer based in San Francisco which operated from 1990 to 2005.

Spanking clubs based in the city include SF-CP (San Francisco Corporal Punishment) and SFSS (San Francisco Spanking Society, see links below).

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