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Male wearing running shorts.

Running shorts are a special type of shorts worn by runners. They are designed to facilitate comfort and free movement during exercise. The material they are made of is usually lightweight and hard-wearing, such as polyester. Many running shorts include an inner lining that functions as underwear so people do not need to wear additional clothing beneath.


Many running shorts have a seam cut up the side of each leg to enable freer movement. Manufacturers define running shorts according to the length of the leg which is not cut. For example, a 3/4 seam means that 1/4 of the length is cut.

  • 1/2 split seam shorts are the shortest
  • 3/4 split seam shorts are short, but not as short as 1/2 split seam shorts
  • Square leg shorts have no split at all

Running shorts in spanking[edit]

Running shorts are typically shorter than normal shorts or gym shorts, resulting in the exposure of almost the entire leg up to the upper thigh. As such, they may appear sexually appealing to some people. A spanking may be given over running shorts, especially in PE class. As some people do not wear underwear beneath, their shorts can be easily pulled down for a bare bottom spanking.

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