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A hose is a flexible, hollow tube designed to carry fluids or gases from one location to another.

Hoses are made from one or a combination of different materials. Pneumatic applications mostly use Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Nitrile, Neoprene or Rubber based on the environment and pressure rating.

Use for spanking[edit]

A length of hose, in particular rubber hose (usually of the typical red color), can be used as a spanking implement. Flogging with an approximately 10 inches (25 cm) long heavy rubber hose from an milking machine with 14 ″ (0.64 cm) inside diameter, 12 ″ (1.3 cm) outside, no reinforcing cords, fairly firm but very flexible, will give little sting and lots of thud. The rubber hose leaves marks, but rarely bruises. If a flogging that tells is in order, the rubber hose is a perfect choice: it curles around the buttock, so that when the flogging is over, the entire buttocks hurts. It is an experience that lasts for seconds, but leaves memories for week.

In earlier days, some school science teachers would administer informal corporal punishment to the buttocks of erring pupils, using a length of rubber hose. Such hose was normally used to connect bunsen burners to gas taps and was freely available in science laboratories.

Heavier types of rubber hose can be extremely painful and lead to deep bruises and injuries. These types are known to be used for torture.

Other use[edit]

Hoses are also used in the application of enemas and other medical play.

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