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A riding crop with a leather tongue end.

A crop, sometimes called a riding crop or hunting crop, is a rather short and stiff type of whip without a crack, used in horseback riding.

A crop usually consists of a long rod of fiberglass or rattan cane or spring steel which is covered in leather, fabric, or similar material. The rod of a crop thickens at one end to form a handle, and terminates in a thin, flexible tress such as wound cord or a leather tongue. The thin end is intended to make contact with the horse. The handle may have a loop of leather to help secure the grip. The length of a crop is designed to allow enough leverage for it to be accelerated rapidly with a controlled flick of the wrist.

Use for spanking and BDSM[edit]

Using a crop in BDSM play (F/F).
Main article: Cropping

Crops are produced for the horse-riding market, and many people who want crops for spanking implements buy them from such sources. Crops are also produced as specialty items for the BDSM market.

As a spanking implement, a crop is stiffer than most sorts of whip, but more flexible than most sorts of cane. Many crops are short enough to use in an OTK position, but crops are perhaps more often used with the spankee in a bent-over position, like a paddle or cane. A crop allows the spanker precision delivery of the strokes.

Amateur Chinese video of a riding crop being used on party guests.

First time users may find the effect intimidating as the crop was designed for animals, not humans. In the erotic novel Story of O the sadistic character Sir Stephen prefers to use a crop when spanking the submissive O. A crop is appropriate for smaller targets, e.g. labia, nipples, thus a crop is often used on a woman. A crop stings (burns in repeated use) upon impact.

In pony training, a crop is a graphically useful prop.

A spanking with a crop is called a cropping. This is not to be confused with an image editing technique of the same name (cropping).

In other languages[edit]

In French, a crop is called la cravache; in German, die Gerte; in Italian, lo scudiscio (from Latin scutica < Ancient Greek "σκύτος" / skútos).

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