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Richard Windsor interviews Sarah Gregory.

Richard Windsor (born 1963) is a single Englishman and lifelong spankophile (spanker) who currently resides in New York.

Windsor was possibly affiliated with the spanking magazine Swish which was published between 1978 and 1995. He has worked as a spanking actor (Punished Brats, Momma Spankings, Spank That Brat, et al.), spanking video producer, blogger and interviewer, among other things.

Selected video titles[edit]

Produced by House of Richard Windsor:

  • Amber Grey –The Girl Next Door
  • A Bratty Girl (Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht)
  • The Cheeky Babysitter
  • Schoolgirl Blues
  • Snack Bar Blues
  • The Lazy Maid
  • Ten - The Sassy P.A.

Punished Brats videos:

  • Girl Trouble 4
  • Girl Trouble 7
  • Leia Ann Woods – British Brat (Leia Ann Woods)
  • Pixie’s Fantasies (Amber Wells)
  • Pixie’s Fantasies –Vol 2