Reverse bongo position

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Sketch by Spankart (2013).

The reverse bongo position is an unusual spanking position in which the spankee is upside down, legs bent. Their bottom is right in front of a seated or kneeling spanker. The position is somewhat similar to the bongo position, but the spankee's face and legs face forward and up, not backward and down. The spanker can either sit and take the spankee's waist between their legs, or kneel and support the spankee's lower back with their thighs.

This position facilitates spanking the sit spots and is highly humiliating for the spankee being positioned like that and so particularly exposed. But otherwise it is an awkward position, either unstable or uncomfortable, and the spankee can easily kick the spanker. It is probably only useful as a fun variant for playful spanking with a cooperative spankee for a short time.

Another more technical idea is to make the spankee wear a kind of wooden disk or board around their waist, in the way of the Chinese head board (wearable pillory), that could serve to hold them in place.

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