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Revenge spanking is a scenario in the consensual spanking scene where someone who had been spanked feels wronged and takes revenge by administering a spanking themselves.


The most common scenario involves a female who is spanked by a male and she in turn takes her revenge, either by spanking men in general, or she may exact her revenge on the male who spanked her by turning the tables on him and administering a much harder spanking to him. In some scenarios, it turns out that the female realizes that she has a dominant side to her when she is getting her revenge, and thus becomes a top after having been a bottom. While in other scenarios, the female is rather taken aback at having been spanked, and when another female suggest that she take revenge, she seems reluctant. But, as the film progresses (in case of a spanking video), she becomes more and more receptive to the idea of revenge.

Example: Ashley’s Revenge![edit]

In one such film entitled Ashley’s Revenge! a young female (Ashley Tate) is spanked and is rubbing her bottom afterward when a paddle is handed to her by another female. The scene is quite interesting as it shows this very reserved female in tears, looking at her stinging red bottom in the mirror, while holding a thick wooden paddle and looking rather perplexed. However, she does eventually use that paddle to take painful revenge on the male who spanked her. She spanks him mercilessly and leaves him in sobbing and in great pain. By the end of the film, the two embrace in a very sweet moment, with the male apologizing to her.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Adriana Gets Revenge on Sister Alex (Spanking Sorority Girls), Adriana Evans, sequel to Sister Alex Spanks Adriana in Her Office, photos
  • Aili Gets Revenge (Spanking Sorority Girls), photos
  • Ashley Gets Revenge on Nikki (Spanking Sorority Girls)
  • Good Girl's Revenge (, photos
  • Intruder: A Revenge Spanking (Universal Spanking and Punishments, 2021), photos
  • Jasmine’s Revenge (Triple A Spanking)
  • Kailee's Revenge on Betty (RealSpankings Institute), Kailee
  • Kailee's Revenge on Riley (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Revenge of the Pets (, Japan), female students punish their teacher.
  • Riley Anne Spanks Teacher Clare (Spanking Sorority Girls), Clare Fonda, blackmail story, photos
  • Stevie Spanks Apricot (Spanking Sorority Girls), Stevie Rose, sequel to Stevie Spanked Over Laundry, photos

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