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The relationship between two persons is a description of their roles in relation to each other, how they interact, and how they get along with each other.

Examples of relationships:

Relationships typically come with certain social behavior expectations, as well as typical deviations from these. For example, neighbors are expected to do their best to get along well with each other; however, quarreling neighbors are a well-known cliché.

In works of fiction, such as novels or movies, it is a popular technique to establish relationships that turn out to have unexpected facettes.

Roleplayed relationships[edit]

In roleplay, people can play relationships that are different from their actual ones. For example, when children play school or house, but also when consenting adults engage in erotic roleplay. Longer and more serious forms of such roleplay, often found in in BDSM, can involve firmly established long-term relationships such as Daddy/girl, Mommy/boy, dominant-submissive, Master/slave, teacher/schoolie.