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Regulation knickers are knickers that meet a uniform's dress code—especially a school uniform. They are typically full bottom, without lace or other adornments, and are typically required to be a set colour without prints, such as for example white or navy blue.

Styles and colours[edit]

Uniforms codes that include skirts or kilts with highly physically active wearers—especially children—often recognize that panty flashing will be inevitable. So they set a colour for regulation knickers that blends in with the uniform in a way that they are less noticeable. For this purpose, bottle blues and greens as well a crimsons are popular. However some alternative reasoning favours the purity symbolism of white, despite how high contrast they are.

Regulation knickers are often conservative in style, in other words old-fashioned, such as cut very high up the waist ("full briefs"), and perhaps of a material thicker than usual underwear is.

Regulation knickers and spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Spanking Art of Alan Lawrence
Discipline 1930's style.

In strict institutions where dress code violations are punishable with corporal punishment, non-regulation knickers in and of themselves can be a spankworthy offence. However even when not, if a student is to be spanked and their skirt or kilt is flipped up in preparation, a discovery of non-regulation knickers will increase the trouble they are in, possibly including the "confiscation" of the non-regulation clothing item before the punishment is carried out.

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