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Woman in the plank position for physical exercise.

The push-up position is a spanking position in which the spankee assumes a position on the ground as if doing push-ups (press-ups). As an exercise, this position is also known as the plank, front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge.

The spankee's hands are on the ground and their torso and legs are forming a straight line, requiring tension of the muscles in the entire body to keep stiff in this pose. The feet are usually together and the hands shoulder-width apart. The knees are off the ground so that the weight rests only on hands and toes. The spanker can stand beside the spankee and hit their buttocks with an implement such as a stick or switch. This position seems to be popular for school corporal punishment in parts of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Pros and cons[edit]

A disadvantage of the push-up position is that there is no support at all under the spankee's hips. It is hard to keep the pose when being spanked, and the spankee may often lose the stance.

The push-up position is a lot more strenuous to hold than the on-all-fours position where the knees are permitted to touch the ground, or the lying position where the weight is comfortably spread out over the entire body. Some disciplinarians may see this strenuousness as an asset while others may not. For the spanker, the push-up position offers a slightly more convenient spanking angle from above, rather than from behind as in the on-all-fours or in bent-over positions.


A variation is to allow the spankee to rest their weight on their forearms rather than their hands, resulting in a pose that is lower and somewhat easier to hold. Another variation is to make them assume the push-up position with spread legs, resulting in an extra humiliating, vulnerable and exposed position that allows view and access to the spankee's crotch and genital area.

The push-up position naturally offers itself to make the spankee also do push-ups for exercise (and/or punishment). A disciplinarian acting as a coach (or vice versa) might encourage (or punish) their trainee with spanks for any push-ups not done correctly, or for too long pauses in between push-ups.

Related positions[edit]

A related position is the lunge position where the hands and feet are similarly on the ground, but the hands and feet are a little bit closer together and the spankee is instructed to make a sharp bend at the hip, bringing their buttocks up to the highest point of their body. It would also be possible to make the spankee alternate between the push-up and the lunge position.

In spanking videos[edit]

Like all spanking positions, the push-up position is also sometimes found in adult spanking videos and photo sets (see examples below).

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