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A punishment agreement is an agreement in writing, possibly but not necessarily taking the form of a contract, that defines certain punishments that will be given for certain offenses. Punishments agreements are used in BDSM (e.g. domestic discipline, host/houseboy, host/housegirl) relationships as a document that ensures that both parties have a common understanding on the terms of the relationship, and the nature, extent and limits of possible punishments that will, or may, be given.

Simple example, just to convey the idea:

Punishment agreements can run for a specified period (e.g. a trial period of a week or a month), or indefinitely. If one of the parties finds that the agreement should be changed, e.g. made stricter or milder, or to add new offenses, this can be done anytime upon mutual agreement.

A punishment agreement is related but not identical to a slave contract which defines the terms of a (typically long-term) Master/slave relationship.


Children are usually subjected to rules and consequences for breaking these without being given much of a chance to negotiate these terms with the authority figure. Typically only in formal, non-domestic scenarios such as schools, boarding schools, reformatories, training camps, boot camps etc. will the punishments be put down in a formal document. An exception is the If-Then Chart, which is more or less a document of such a kind too, but for use in semi-domestic scenarios such as kindergartens, preschools and home-schooling families.

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