Punished at school, punished again at home

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When I was in school we got spanked when we did the wrong thing. When we got home we got another one from our parents for getting one in school.
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Punished at school, punished again at home (often worded as In trouble at school, in trouble at home too‎) describes any scenario in which a schoolchild is given an extra punishment at home when their parents learn that they have been punished at school that day. In the worst case (for the child) a school corporal punishment received means they can expect another spanking at home.

Viewpoints and aspects[edit]

From the child's point of view, such a second punishment is usually seen as dreadful and unfair because they have already been punished by the teacher or principal for whatever their offense was. In many legal systems, a second punishment for the same offense ("double jeopardy") constitutes a violation of justice principles.

From the parent's point of view, they can either see it the same way and refrain from giving another punishment. Or they can feel that the child deserves further punishment for getting in trouble, for ashaming them (their family) with their misbehavior, or for disobeying their parental instructions as to their expected behaviour at school. The parent may also want the child to know they not only fully support the school's punishment, but may wish to reemphasize the lesson in their own preferred way.

A child might have little care for their teacher's approval, and can take a school punishment as simply the cost for breaking a school rule, whereas they will have a vested interest in their parent's approval. Therefore, getting in extra trouble at home for having gotten in trouble at school adds considerably to the consequences of school issues.

Further aspects[edit]

A domestic follow-up punishment can be harder or softer than the original school punishment. If it is going to be a spanking at home, the same can possibly involve a bare bottom whereas the school will often have policies to punish students fully clothed, on their hands, or non-corporally. But "trouble at home" can also often take the form of a non-corporal punishment, including possibly a form of psychological punishment—or both.

Sometimes a child who was punished at school has to take a note home to be signed by their parents and to be returned to the school. Such a note ensures the parent is informed of their child's trouble; for the child it means there is no way of hiding the fact.

For students in a boarding school, "punished at school, punished again at home" can mean punishment by their housemaster, dorm-mother or whoever is in loco parentis, and can still also mean a punishment from their actual parents on the next trip home on top of that.

A related scenario is when a child is punished by their parents after they have been punished by a babysitter. Often in cases when the babysitter is not allowed to spank, a "spankable" offense will first earn a milder consequence from the sitter (such as early bedtime), followed by the "actual" punishment later from the parents when they learn about it.

In media and fiction[edit]

"Punished at school, punished again at home" is a subject sometimes found in autobiographies, mainstream films, spanking fetish videos (listed below), and also in spanking stories and spanking novels. An example of the latter is chapter 27, "Homework" from Melody's Stories.

Spanking videos[edit]

Selected videos about disciplinary punishment that begins at school (sometimes as an off-camera plot device) and continues at home.

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