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But Mom, I — The only 'but'(sic) in this house is a spanked one!
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Protest (noun) is a declaration of objection, usually against something that is going on or that is planned. To protest means to voice one's protest. This can be simply argumentative or an organized movement protesting against a larger social, environmental or political issue (as in the spanking video Protester Punished listed below).

Protest against punishment[edit]

Verbal protest often occurs when a person is accused or found guilty of some offense that requires chastisement. Such protest, unwelcome to those in authority, is a form of resistance that, in the case of children, is also called backtalk. Arguing or backtalk, especially if continued after being warned not to do so, can be cause for a more severe or elaborate form of punishment.

Given the assumed authority of adults over minors—heightened under the Respect your elders philosophychildren are especially prone to charges of balktalk as a form of disobedience in itself. With a strict adult, any reply other than meek obedience can get the child in trouble. Cases of unfair punishment can occur due to misunderstandings such as a confused child asking for clarification of what they're being told to do.

As for adult fetish stories, and especially spanking videos, protests against (or during) the inevitable corporal punishment segment is often based on being too old (i.e., over 18) to get a spanking. Being a backtalking brat is also a form of protest sometimes used as the premise for a punishment scenario.

Spanking videos[edit]

Some corporal punishment videos involving backtalk. See also cursing and mouthsoaping for additional titles in this general category.

  • Bailey is Paddled For Her Sassy Mouth (Spanking Bailey), Bailey spanked by Kailee
  • Bailey Strapped For Talking Back (Spanking Bailey), photos
  • Brandi is Spanked For Her Sassy Mouth (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi, photos
  • Kailee Argues with Ms. Burns (OTK-Spankings), Kailee, photos
  • Spanked for my Smart Mouth (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2010), Brandi, photo
  • Talking Back To Teacher (Universal Spanking and Punishments), photos

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