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Various props.

A prop is any item used in a stage play, film (television and movies) and 3D computer graphics scene, such as a piece of furniture or a weapon.


The term prop is a shortened form of property. Small acting troupes formed during the renaissance, travelled throughout Europe. These "companies," functioning as cooperatives, pooled resources and divided any income. Many performers provided their own costumes, but special items: stage weapons, furniture or other hand-held devices were considered "company property," thus the term "property," which eventually was shortened to "prop."[1]

Props in spanking art[edit]

Props (non-character objects modeled in 3D) are also important in rendered spanking art to enhance the scene. Important types of props in this genre are items of furniture for the spanker or the spankee such as a chair, couch or bed, spanking implements, spanking and/or BDSM furniture, and other furniture and objects to create a realistic environment such as a room.

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