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Illustration from the novel Nouvelle Justine by the Marquis de Sade, 1799. A girl is prepared by a man and a woman to be birched.

In the context of spanking, preparation refers to activities undertaken in preparation for an upcoming spanking.

In non-consensual (disciplinary) spanking, the preparation for corporal punishment is usually much dreaded by the delinquent. In a way, it can be as bad or worse than the actual punishment because of the emotional suffering, especially if the preparation is long, ritualistic, includes extended waiting periods and/or humiliation.

In consensual spanking, especially erotic spanking, much pleasure can be taken from the anticipation that comes with a good preparation phase (for both partners). Taking one's time in this pre-spanking phase and having fun with roleplaying during the preparation can make the entire session the more enjoyable. Other people may prefer quick action and as little preparation time as possible, but ultimately it depends on an individual's preferences.

Preparation for a spanking (by both the spankee and the spanker) can include one or more of the following:

Preparation of the spankee[edit]

The preparation of the spankee is typically the main part of the preparation process. In consensual spanking, the spankee is the center of attention before, during, and after the "punishment". Preparation procedures may include:

All of the above can be done by the spanker or by an assisting person. The spankee may be instructed to prepare himself/herself. This is reflected in the title of the spanking website Kara Prepare Yourself.

Preparation of the spanker[edit]

The spanker typically requires less preparation than the spankee. Some preparation procedures for the spanker may include:

Preparation of the spanking implement[edit]

Making a birch.

The preparation of the implement can be done by the spanker, by an assisting person, or by the spankee.

  • Regular maintenance of leather implements with saddle soap or cleaners
  • Fetching the spanking implement from the place where it is stored
  • Cutting a switch from a tree
  • Cutting and binding a birch rod
  • Soaking a switch, birch or cane in water or brine for some hours
  • Displaying the implement for all parties
  • Examining the implement for length, weight and feel (canes, whips etc)

Preparation of the room and items of furniture[edit]

Other preparations[edit]