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Plastic is the common name used to describe a synthetic solid material widely used across the world such as in grocery bags, building materials, casing for electrical goods and components. Formed mostly from non-renewable resources, plastic can be grouped into two catagories: Thermoplastics and Thermoset.

The plastic manufacturing process is typically to melt pellets of the material to a liquid state and inject the fluid into a two-piece mold and and allowing to cool. Complex three-dimensional shapes can be created with this process.

Solid plastics have properties most like a ceramic than any other type of material, whilst thin sheets are highly flexible and function as a foil or cloth.

Fetish uses[edit]

Photomodel Jassi in blue PVC "booty" shorts and top.
Spanked with a Lexan paddle.

Plastic has many uses within the fetish scene due to its flexibility, variety, and smooth surface. It is also easier to hygienically clean and disinfect than rubber, latex or leather. Synthetic leather is often made largely or entirely of plastics.

  • Fetish clothing
    Fetish clothing often uses shiny plastic materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). PVC is a thermoplastic often utilised to make clothing, often seen as a cheap alternative to rubber, latex and leather within the Goth, Punk, Fetish and similar scenes. It shares very similar properties, is highly workable and waterproof. Black PVC, e.g. for boots, can be as shiny as patent leather.
  • Paddles
    There are many varieties of plastic paddles, including several brands made with complex artificial polymers which have unique material properties not found in wooden paddles. Typically plastic paddles are reported to have more sting but less weight and 'thud' than traditional wooden paddles. Because of the molding process these can be manufactured far faster and at less cost than wooden paddles — however consumer demand is considerably less.
  • Plastic wrap
    Plastic wrap is made of PVC or a similar polymer, and is a popular pervertible for kinky play.

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