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Woman in a navy blue corduroy jumper (pinafore dress). This garment could alternatively be considered a high waisted suspender skirt.

A pinafore dress, is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater. It is informally also just called a pinafore, leading to confusion with the original term pinafore, a kind of apron, which is open in the back and typically worn over a sleeved dress. In American English, a pinafore dress is also known as a jumper, while in British English, a jumper is what is called a sweater in American English.

If the design of the dress is directly inspired by an apron (having a bib in front and ties in the back, for example), the garment is typically described as an apron dress.

A gymslip is a British pinafore dress worn as athletic wear or school uniform.


A pinafore may have very limited coverage above the waist. However, if the garment consists of a skirt with only narrow suspenders above the waist, it would typically be referred to as a suspender skirt. An example is the Japanese 吊りスカート (Tsuri sukāto, literally "hanging skirt"), which is a skirt with suspenders (shoulder straps, crossed on the back).

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