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College students in a contemporary U.S. gym.

Physical education, in the scholastic context, is the full name of lessons more familiarly referred to by the abbreviations: PE, phys ed, PT (physical training) or Gym (gymnastics). As the name implies, training is given to the body rather than the mind. This includes various kinds of sports, gymnastics, swimming, possibly also dance. Some schools will even slip any Health curriculum including Sex Ed requirements into this program.

PE classes may be single-sex or both genders combined in coeducation. In many countries/cultures, single-sex classes are the standard, especially for older students. The male PE teacher (or gym teacher in the U.S.) is often the coach for the school's sports teams. Female PE teachers in the U.K. are also called the sports mistress or gym mistress.


Japanese school sports uniform examples.

The majority of schools require pupils to change into a different set of athletic shoes or go barefoot - sport pending, e.g. gymnastics requires the latter. Some schools require students to change into athletic clothes of their own choosing while others require a uniform sometimes called a PE kit. A common uniform consists of a white t-shirt and shorts (gym shorts) in the school color, but this is not a universal rule. At some Catholic schools, modest clothing is required. For safety, some schools require males to wear a jockstrap as part of the physical education uniform. Some schools allow male students to go barechested when they are outside during a hot day. Most uniformed classes require the student to label their name on their clothes. In Japan, girls typically wear a type of shorts called ブルマー (pronounced burumā, see also bloomers) for school sports.

Changing into PE apparel is usually done in locker rooms. These are most often gender-separated even when the PE lesson is coeducational. The locker room setting presents students with having to undress in front of their same-sex classmates. Taking a shower nude after PE is common in many countries. This can lead to embarrassment, teasing, and things such as towel whipping.

Corporal punishment in PE[edit]

The dreaded plimsoll often used in PE lessons!

In keeping with the ethos of rigorous physical exercise, in earlier days many PE teachers were very robust in their application of corporal punishment on pupils who misbehaved. The favourite implement in the UK was the plimsoll. A well-worn, size 12 shoe, with a thick rubber sole, applied vigorously to a bottom, clad only in thin cotton shorts, would bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened miscreant! Six whacks would leave the bottom stinging for several hours. Another ad hoc implement often pressed into service was a skipping rope doubled to form a sort of whip.

Corporal punishment in PE was often given in the touching-toes position. Bare bottom spanking was rare, unless given durng the changing portion of class. For a harder and more lengthy punishment, PE equipment such as a vaulting-buck or vaulting horse was allegedly occasionally put to use.

Due to the typically thinner material of the PE Kit compared to normal clothing or the school uniform, schools practicing corporal punishment sometimes require students to report to the Headmaster's/Dean's office in their PE kit; especially if the uniform code forbids the wearing of underwear with said Kit.

In the 1968 British movie if...., the severe caning of three students takes place in a gymnasium.

Fetish exercise videos[edit]

The video producer Special Exercises ( concentrates on M/F and F/F corporal punishment stories based around cruel and humiliating exercise sessions. Nude and partly clad girls perform all sorts of physical tasks and compete against each other while being dominated and disciplined by sadistic coaches and trainers.

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