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A photographer.

A photographer is a person who takes photographs using a camera.

This person is generally considered the artist, because he or she constructed the appearance of the product in the same way as any other visual artists. One may be an amateur photographer or a professional photographer if he or she uses photography to make a living.

Spanking photographers[edit]

Spanking photography is generally the joint work of a photographer and one or more spanking models who dress up (or undress, as the case may be) and pose for the photos. It usually involves creating or finding an appropriate setting, choosing props, furniture, etc., putting up light sources, reflectors, and so on.

Spanking photos are usually adult spanking art and are mainly created for spanking pay sites and spanking magazines. The spanking photo business is similar to the BDSM photo business, and most photographers don't specialize exclusively in spanking photography.

For a list of spanking photographers, see list of spanking photographers.

One can also find spanking photos that are in fact stills from spanking videos, so their creation involves a camera man instead of a photographer, plus a person who afterwards selects useable stills from the video. For technical reasons, these stills are usually of lower image quality than photographs taken by a photo camera.

Digital image editing has helped photographers and publishers to brush up and retouch spanking photos in many different ways before they are published, improving the quality and widening the stylistic range of spanking photos.

In the last few years, digital photography has made it easier for amateur photographers to create their own erotic photographs, because the pictures do not need to be developed and can be directly transferred from the camera to a computer for further use.

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