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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Pal Comix (Drawings Gallery #156)
A penitatas paddled in school by her teacher (F/f) in the spanking comic Jade growing up again by Palcomix.

In the fictional spanking stories of Lurking Dragon (and other authors) set in Rejuve Universe, such as Melody's Stories, a Penitatas or Penitent one (colloquially a penny or a bad penny) is a convicted criminal who has been rejuvenated as a punishment for a crime.

In this science fictional setting, many crimes are punishable by rejuvenation. A criminal is sentenced to one or more cycles of punishment. Each cycle begins at a fixed lower age, and continues until a fixed upper age. At the start of the sentence, a criminal is rejuvenated to the lower age. When he or she has grown to the upper age limit, unless he or she was in the last cycle of the sentence, or attains parole, the penny will be rejuvenated back to the lower age to start the next cycle.

A sentence is usually described in terms of the number of cycles and the age limits, as 6x5-10 ("six times five-to-ten") which means that the penny has been sentenced to six cycles, each with a lower age limit of 5 and an upper limit of 10 years old. Both the number of cycles and the ages vary depending on the crime involved.


All Penitatas are implanted a so-called nano-web which "partially controls and overrides emotional reactions, forcing the mind-set into a more childish and malleable form."

The nano-web is a exacerbating reason why Penitatas react like children and not like adults, even if they have the knowledge and memories of an adult. So whenever they are spanked, for example, they wiggle, bawl and cry like a child of the age they were rejuvenated to. Likewise, when their panties are pulled down, the nano-web intensifies their emotional reactions that the childlike brain already produces and makes them feel ashamed and tremendously embarrassed.

Types of Penitatas[edit]

There are two main kinds of Penitatas: "Hard time" and "Soft time". A hard-timer's experience is supposed to be primarily about punishment, while a soft-timer's experience is supposed to be largely about rehabilitation. Usually at least the first third of a sentence is spent as a hard time Penitatas, but this is subject to review at the end of each cycle, where a judge can assign the penny to another hard-time cycle, a soft-time cycle, or to parole (in which case the penny is allowed to grow up as a Completas unless he or she gets into further trouble).

Penitatas are marked with a silver P on the back of each hand. For soft-timers, the 'P' is normal, the upper area being open. For hard-time pennys, the upper area is filled in, and the P looks like a stylized paddle.

Juvenala Penitatas[edit]

Kindern who are convicted for a juvenile crime become Juvenala Penitatas. Marked with a silver 'J' on the back of each hand. But instead of getting new parents when they are rejuved, they stay with their own parents but get a live in governess. While their own parents will spank them, the governess is responsible for carrying out their penitatas punishments. But they are not be spanked nearly as often as a first-cycle Penitatas; two or possibly three spankings a week, rather than five to ten. And those spankings are mostly hand spankings, with only occasional harder lessons, when earned. Juvenala Penitatas do not have any special day punishment days. After a few years if only given one cycle the spankings would taper off and the psychological reconditioning of soft-time would begin, if given multiple cycle soft time does not begin until the next cycle.

This status is only available to kindern, not to other rejuved minors.


Male Penitatas who are convicted of sexual and/or violent crimes normally get their Y-chromosome suppressed so that the serve their hard time cycles as a little girl. The former on the grounds it will given them some perspective on their victims. The latter to make them less of a danger to their peers.

Penny age groups[edit]

The age band a Penitatas is sentenced to will be based on factors of the crime, such as no violent offender will be allowed to get older than 10 before they are paroled[1] or that murderers will typically be sentenced for a cycle that goes from ages 3 to 6 to keep them as young as possible.[2] The lowest age recorded was Klaus Merkad's sentence to 2.7, pushing right against the lowest safe age limit for a rejuve without death of personality.

These age bands are influenced by how closely these age groups are typically monitored and how much personal freedom they have. Other factors can be how harsh a spanking will seem to that age group. Due to technology limitations the smallest cycle that can be repeated is 3 years. As Penitatas typically get new parents every cycle, short cycles are favored for harsher sentences to reduce bonding during hard-time cycles, compared to longer cycles are favored for bonding in sentences where rehabilitation is expected quickly.

Without special need, Penitatas cycles will not result in an age over 12, as the school system for rejuves is set up to account for Penitatas needs at the primary school level but not at the secondary school level — only school systems for Kindern (real kids on their first cycle of life) use intermediate schools.

Treatment of Penitatas[edit]

Penitatas (along with other types of rejuved adults) are legally and practically considered to be children. They are assigned to adult caretakers, who become their legal parents, with all the rights that implies. Penitatas in particular are treated as already naughty children, and are subject to particularly severe spankings and other punishments for even minor disobedience or wrongdoing. In addition, hard-time pennys are subject to "unearned" punishments on a regular basis (often roughly once a week, but this varies). These are considered punishments for the original crime. Penitatas are generally considered untrustworthy, and if there is doubt whether one is or is not guilty of naughtiness, guilt will be assumed. In cases where logically only one person could have done it, but there is more than one Penitatas who had the opportunity to be the guilty party, all the Penitatas involved will get the punishment as if they were the one.

Penitatas are generally considered to be of lower status than other types of children. They must give way to children of higher status on various occasions, such as when waiting in line, or when there is a dispute over a toy.

Penitatas of school age must attend school, where they are also subject to spankings and other punishments for any misbehavior and also for bad grades.

Special Punishment Days[edit]

On a number of Special Punishment Days, hard time penitatas are subject to pre-planned, particularly severe punishments. These days vary depending on the sentence, but are usually days that are considered particularly fun for a normal child. Such as for an an American: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, the Fourth of July (in the US), the child's birthday, and the like.

A penitatas's birthday typically is the day they rejuved. Penitatas begin their day over one parent's lap for a hand-spanking over their pajamas, for their age plus one spanks. This is then repeated over their underwear. The sequence is repeated again on the bare bottom. The parent then switches to their Mother's Helper paddle for another set of age plus one. This is followed by another age plus one set, this time with the penitatas' own hairbrush. This first spanking is ended by a final age plus one set with the penitatas's customized Very Own Spanking Paddle.
If the penitatas's birthday falls on a day they have school, then during the school day, at a time of the homeroom teacher's choosing, they will get their age plus one from their teacher with a #4 paddle for their grade. Any non-penny classmate will be given the opportunity to do the same—they can decline outright or use a lesser item if they choose. If the pentitatas has an elective that day where they go to another classroom, then that teacher, and non-penny classmates, get the same opportunity. The penitatas will be kept in after school to give any classmates invited to their 'surprise party' the chance to get there before they do.
If they don't have school on their birthday (weekend, holiday or if they're not old enough) they go instead to a crèche where they play games such as the birthday variant of Spanks and Excuses.
At the party the penitatas receive age-appropriate (and parent-approved) gifts and play age-appropriate games, as well as have cake and ice cream.
At one point all the guest will play a game that is weighted in favor of non-pennies to win (Voluntaras get an extra chance, Medicalos two extra chances). The winner of this game will affect the next set of special day spankings. Each guest get to spank the birthday penitatas. Each guest gets to give the penny a hand-spanking over their clothes of age plus one. A Voluntaras gets to deliver a double set, one of which is over the underwear, and a Medicalos delivers a triple set, two of which are over underwear only. But the winner of the game gets to give the birthday penny an extra set as well as use whatever implement they desire on the bare. At the end of the party, the penny must thank each of her guests for coming, for the presents and for the spankings.
At bedtime the penitatas' other parent has their turn. This time, the age plus one sets have a different order:
  • Over the pajamas with the pentiatas' hairbrush.
  • On the bare with the same hairbrush.
  • Another set with the bristle side of the brush.
  • A set with the Very Own Spanking Paddle all on the right nether cheek.
  • A matching set all on the left nether cheek.
  • Another set on the center of the bottom.
  • A final set with the age-appropriate cane.
This Special Punishment Day is standardly assigned to all hard timers.
This holiday—on Sept. 30—celibates humanity's discovery of the stardrive, opening the stars to them. It is observed by most children by science-themed field trips. A school's population of soft time Pentiatas gather together in a study hall in their school's library, set to work in groups on science and technology-related projects assigned and to be completed that same day. The groups are assigned independently of age.
Hard time pentiatas stay at their homeroom desk working on writing lines until their assigned turn with a spanking machine comes up. Until an incident in 2748[3] these machines were totally soundproof and no way to monitor the activity inside. There was only an 'in use' and an 'assistance required' light. Following the slicing (hacking) incident, the model was replaced with a machine where the spanking can be monitored and recorded.[4]. The machine would deliver three spankings in random order: one with a stiff paddle, one with a flexible paddle, and one with a cane. The size and number of spanks are both scaled to various factors; including age and offense.
This Special Punishment Day is standardly assigned to all hard timers.
A penitatas who is assigned Easter as a special day is awoken on Easter Sunday, and is immediately given a hard bare bottom spanking—half given by each parent—during which the penitatas must count the spanks. This is how the penitatas is informed of their officially assigned base number for the day. Level III pain-tiess (or bee-riefss) are typically added to their 'Sunday Best' clothes for church service. After church, the penitatas—and their families— that have this special day gather in a park with the largest catchment area possible. The penitatas have an easter egg hunt. Their plastic eggs each have chip in it. As they are put into the reader, each egg will modify their base count up or down, but weighted words lowering the count[5]. Unless modified via a special egg, one of the Penitatas's parents will then give them a bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking with an age-appropriate hairbrush right there in the park; using the new base number. Afterwards there will be a picnic lunch with the penitatas sitting on hard wooden benches.
When they get home, the other parent will give the penitatas another spanking, this time with the penitatas' Very Own Spanking Paddle— again unless a special egg had changed this— bare bottom, and over the knee.
Later before going to bed without supper, one of the parents will deliver an age-appropriate sized caning in the bent-over position while the penitatas holds onto a chair. For the first half of the count, if the penitatas breaks position, including letting go of the chair, they will get 5 penalty stokes for each time at the end. The second half of the base strokes, the penitatas will receive help so that they can not break position.
This Special Punishment Day is only assigned to penitatas that are Christians or come from such a culture.
A penitatas who is assigned Christmas as a special day will find their stocking stuffed with lumps of coals and a few switches and/or canes. The content is officially assigned and unlike some family traditions a penitatas is not allowed to touch their stocking until the parents are present. The penny must then count out the number of lumps of coal. This becomes the number of strokes they receive with each implement. The penitatas's parent get to chose when during the day each implement will be used, though the worst of the provided implements is used last, and one of them is normally used immediately after the counting. The switching is normally distributed among members of their penitatas family. The other gifts the penny receives are typically punishment related, such as new implements they might be rated for, and punishment clothes. But if their behavior is good enough to warrant gifts, there will be a few age-appropriate 'real' gifts as well. In between uses of the implements, the penitatas will spend most of the day in the corner. When the last implement of the day is used, they are required to hold a specific position. Each break of the position earns five penalty strokes.
This Special Punishment Day is only assigned to penitatas that are Christians or come from such a culture.

Medical treatment[edit]

First it should be pointed penitatas variants described here while routine used, are never used if they would hinder timely or effective treatment.

First off despite quicker and less intrusive scanners available to take temperature, A LCD thermometer is used to take Penitatas's temperature rectally. In cases where they might take the temperature first via a scanner for quick diagnosis, but turns out not to be such a rush, will retake the temperature officially.

The next point is that Penitatas variants of medicine are designed to taste as foul as possible, and for the taste to linger in the mouth for a long time. Of course some times some medicines a penny might need are rarely needed for a rejuve and only need a few doses they will not bother making a penitatas variant as it would only delay treatment to have one made from scratch.

The biggest point though is the rejuvenation process, unfortunately, destroys all resistance acquired after the rejuve age. If a Penitatas's sentence was to age six or earlier, they had to be re-immunized before school. For most Children this normally involves two hyposprays injections in the bottom. But for Penitatas, hard or soft time, got each inoculation separately. That meant six separate injections, all in the bottom. Using specially made needles, that were just dull enough to really hurt. The vehicle was different, too, a mild irritant that was designed to burn and sting until it was worked into the muscles of the bottom. Such working comes in the form of a spanking, after each shot. The vehicle was unnecessarily large, too; each shot would be almost 4 CCs, and would take several seconds to inject.

Penitatas as major characters[edit]

In spanking art Penitatas make good characters for the spankee because they have a built in reason to being spanked simply because they are a penny. Also giving the crime the penitatas was convicted for, they don't necessarily have to be likable characters. Making it easier to write about either harsher spankings and/or multiple spankings. This also leads to making it easier to have the same characters in a series without being distract by being overly sorry for the spankee.

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