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Human pelvis.

The pelvis, in mammals, is a bowl-shaped ring of bone formed by the two hip bones at the sides and the lower part of the spine (the sacrum and coccyx) behind. Its main parts are the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis. The pelvis protects the reproductive and digestive organs and connects the thighs to the spine and the torso.

The pelvis is open at the top (where the intestines etc. come in), at the front (above the pubis bone), at the bottom (where the genital, urinal and anal openings are), and at the rear (below and to the sides of the coccyx). The female pelvis is a little wider than the male to facilitate childbirth. This is the anatomical reason for the wider hips of females after puberty age.

The pelvis is mostly an interior bone. It can only be felt under the skin at the front sides (below the waist), in the rear at the coccyx, and the ischium can be felt when sitting.


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