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Paul Rogers, also known as Tubaman, is a Texas-based spanking actor, and a spanking video producer via his production company Spanking 101 (a.k.a. Spanking 101: The Videos and He currently runs a clips store, Spanking 101 The Clips, and can be seen on numerous other spanking sites.

Rogers has also been running the annual Texas All-State Spanking Party (TASSP) for several years.

Spanking videos[edit]

Rogers may be best known as the "Daddy" scene parter of spanking actress and video producer Sarah Gregory. This personal role-play relationship in their lives has led to their making dozens of videos together with the same ageplay dynamic of the elder Rogers disciplining the girlish Gregory, and sometimes others.

Below is a list of videos produced by Sarah Gregory Spanking featuring Paul Rogers in various disciplinarian roles.

  • Sarah Spanked by Her Men - first video with Sarah Gregory punished by both her real-life partner John Osborne and Rogers.
  • A Not So Happy Spanksgiving - Thanksgiving with Sarah Gregory and her scene "Mommy" Dana Specht
  • Alice Spanked by Grandpa - grandparent, photos
  • Bad Mother
  • Bathed and Burned - Sarah Gregory, bathing, photos
  • Birthday Party Blues (2021), Sarah Gregory
  • Bratty Sarah - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Burned Bikini Bottoms - Sarah Gregory
  • Burn Sinners Burn - Sarah Gregory
  • But I Don't Wanna Go To Bed Daddy! - Sarah Gregory
  • Captain Paddle and Tinker Butt - Sarah Gregory
  • Charlie's Devils - Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, photos
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom - Sarah Gregory
  • Computer Error
  • Daddy Punishes Sarah - photos
  • Daddy Spanks Sarah
  • Daddy Spanks Alex - Alex Reynolds
  • Daddy's Spanked Cheerleader
  • Del's Halloween Spanking (2020), Del Hunter, curfew, Halloween and spanking
  • The Disciplinary Consultant - Amelia Jane Rutherford, photos
  • Disruption at Upton - Sarah Gregory, Pandora Blake, photos
  • Drunk On Vacation - Sarah Gregory, alcohol abuse story
  • Drunk on Vacation Again - Sarah Gregory
  • Escort Girl - Tem Amoretti
  • Fatherly Love - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Grandpa Spanks Angelica (Triple A Spanking, 2020), grandparent, photos
  • Grandpa Spanks Ava (2019)
  • Have Yourself a Naughty Little Christmas - Christmas tale, Sarah Gregory
  • I Dream of Spanking
  • Lazy Little Elves - Christmas
  • Leia in Hot Water - Leia-Ann Woods
  • The Messy Little Girl - Sarah Gregory
  • The Naughty Little Schoolgirl - Headmaster Rogers spanks Sarah
  • Paddled Cheerleader - Sarah punished by Principal Rogers
  • Pandora's Initiation - Pandora Blake, photos
  • Punishment in the Principal's Office - Principal Rogers spanks Christy Cutie
  • Prank On Daddy - Sarah Gregory
  • Raven's Bedtime Spanking (2019), bedtime spanking
  • Reading, Writing, and Rulers - Sarah Gregory, yardstick, role reversal (photos).
  • The Rude Inn Keeper - Erica Scott, photos
  • Sarah In Trouble
  • Sarah's Shameful Spanking: Daddy's Turn
  • Sarah's Short Skirt
  • School Girls Punished
  • Seconds
  • The Silent Treatment - Isobel Wren, photos
  • Sister's Punishment (2019), Kiki Cali, photos
  • Snow Day, Hot Butt - Sarah Gregory
  • Spanked by Uncle (photos), uncle scenario
  • Spanking the Seniors - Sarah Gregory
  • Spankings In Nude Orleans - Sarah Gregory
  • Spellbound - Sarah Gregory, witch fantasy, photos
  • Splish Splash Spank - Sarah Gregory, swimming pool, grounded, photos
  • The Streaker
  • Stripper Whipper - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Striptease and Spanking
  • Student Spanked, Teacher Spanked, role reversal, photos
  • Tennis Team Trouble - Christy Cutie, alcohol, photos
  • Texting and Driving - Alex Reynolds
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal - stealing story
  • Up All Night
  • The Wife and the Prostitute

Momma Spankings videos (produced by Sarah Gregory) featuring Rogers:

  • Daddy Spanks for Momma - Sarah Gregory
  • Disobedient Daughter Disciplined - Sarah Gregory
  • Grin and Bare It - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht, photos
  • Kitty Spanked by Mom and Dad (2020)
  • Mommy and Daddy Punish Sarah (photos)
  • A Not So Happy Spanksgiving - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht, Thanksgiving tale
  • Prom Night Punishment - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht
  • Reyna Spanked By Mom and Dad
  • Spanked by Mommy and Daddy - Angel Lee, photos
  • Stevie Spanked By Mom and Dad - Stevie Rose, Miss Anna, video preview

Cheerleader Spankings titles with Rogers (another Sarah Gregory company)

  • Bully's Bare Bottom Punishment (2021), Amy Fox, bullying, photos
  • Caught in a Lie - Coach rogers spanks Sarah Gregory
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom - Sarah Gregory
  • From Cheers To Tears - photos
  • Grandpa Spanks Alice
  • Kajira Spanked and Paddled (2021), photos
  • Kajira's Hard Lesson (2021), photos
  • Paddled Cheerleader - Principal Rogers spanks Sarah Gregory
  • Poor Grade Punishment - Principal Paul Rogers spanks Alex Reynolds
  • Spanked By Mom and Dad

Disciplinary Arts titles:

  • Bedtime Discipline
  • Family Trouble Part 1
  • Stealing from Grandpa (Kat St James), video clip at Spanking Library
  • The Misadventures of Adrian Shelly: Spanked for lies! (Kat St James)