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An icon illustrating a parent and child.

Parenting comprises all the tasks involved in raising a child. Parenting is normally mainly the job of the child's parents, hence the name. But other people may also be involved in parenting, such as adoptive parents, foster parents, godparents, grandparents, older siblings, or institutions (such as group homes or orphanages), in an in loco parentis role. These are also collectively called caregivers, and some may be a child's legal guardian.

Aspects of parenting[edit]

  • Physical care:
    • Reliably providing shelter, education, medical care, physical safety, and nourishment.
  • Social development and emotional support:
  • Financial support:
    • Money provided by custodial or non-custodial parent(s), or the state
    • Insurance coverage and payments for education

Parenting is important to:

  • Ensure a child gets all the support they need to develop to their best: physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Teach a child right from wrong behaviour in accordance with their cultural values, so they can function as adults in their society
  • Ensure a child is no danger to themselves (e.g. running in a street) and no danger to other people, animals, and things.

Methods and practices[edit]

Parenting typically utilizes instruction, example, praise and punishment as tools of behavioral control.

Common forms of punishment in parenting include scolding, spanking (now illegal in some countries, but still prevalent and legal in most), time-out (e.g. corner time), and grounding, among many other methods. See spanking in parenting and punishment of children for more on how disciplinary spanking is and was used in parenting.

There are also forms of parenting that tries to do as far as possible without force or punishment, such as non-coercive education.

Parenting books[edit]

For parenting books that address the topic of spanking in detail (pro, con, or synthesized views), see Category:Parenting books.


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