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Palcomix (also spelled PalComix and PALCOMIX) is an adult free site that features a web forum and original web comics and manga created by a team of honorary authors and artists, the Palcomix team.

The site is maintained by "Pietro, Adun, & Friends". The name Palcomix probably comes from the initials P, A, L, of Pietro, Adun, and Lavin, and the term comix, which stands for independent, non-mainstream comics or "underground comics".

Palcomix does commissions. The comics and manga are fan art/doujinshi at a professional level, colorized, and based on existing characters and series. Some of them are hentai, touching different kinks and subject matters.

There are works in progress (updated every week) and finished works to view/download on the Palcomix site.

On the 6th of August 2009 Palcomix changed its site so that you have to register on their forums to view their hosted versions to prevent bandwidth stealing. This has remained true for their current comics, but they can be viewed on their website after they have been finished and archived.


Palcomix allows free use of their comics provided that the work is not altered without their permission. The comics can be legally redistributed and used on other websites as long as they are unmodified. Their license is functionally the same as CC-BY-ND.

This no-derivatives condition is the reason why Palcomix's works are not compatible with licenses such as GFDL or CC-BY-SA, and cannot be used on copyleft sites such as Wikipedia or the Spanking Art wiki.

Reception and criticism[edit]

Because Palcomix draws whatever they are paid to draw, this will include some images that are not within the spanking art community's kink. In some cases this is enough to bother some members of various spanking communities and will result in the pictures not being allowed to be posted there.

An example of this occured at Anime OTK when an image from the Rejuve Universe inspired Jade Chan comic outraged several people there.

Palcomix spanking comics[edit]

Palcomix has created various spanking cartoons, mini-comics, spanking comics and spanking manga of various genres, including furry, sci-fi, BDSM, fetish and porn. The following is an incomplete list: