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M/m drawing by Professor Jim.


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M/f and colorized variant by an unknown artist based on the above drawing by Professor Jim.


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Drawing by Drooaygah.

Pajamas (also spelled pyjamas and also colloquially called pjs or jammies) are an item of clothing used mainly as sleepwear (nightwear). The word "pyjama" was incorporated into the English language from Hindustani. The word originally derives from the Persian word پايجامه Payjama meaning "leg garment."


Today, people can mean different things by this word, but the most common is a loose, two-piece garment that consists of trousers and a jacket, made of lightweight and comfortable fabric. The trousers can be short or long, buttoned or equipped with a drawstring or an elastic waistband. The jacket can be short or long-sleeved, and optionally buttoned in the front. Usually short-sleeved jackets come with short trousers and long-sleeved jackets come with long trousers.

Pajamas are often worn with bare feet but sometimes with socks (especially in northern areas). Traditionally, no underwear is worn under pajamas, but some people nowadays do combine underwear and pajamas for reasons of hygiene and/or modesty. Women usually don't wear a bra under pajamas because it more comfortable during sleep this way.


Pajamas as nightwear had first appeared in Britain c. 1870 as a result of British colonial presence in India. By the early 20th century they had replaced nightshirts as the dominant style of sleepwear for men and boys in much of the Western world. Still, men continued to wear nightshirts as well until the mid-20th century. Women and girls also began to gradually wear pajamas, but this development came a few decades later. So pajamas, which had started as a male-only garment, became unisex, and nightshirts, which had previously been unisex, became female-only.

One-piece pajamas[edit]

There are also one-piece pajamas such as blanket sleepers (also known as footed pajamas when footed), often equipped with a zipper in the front or the back, or a drop seat in the rear. Worldwide these are mainly used for babies and toddlers, but in the U.S. they also used to be worn by older children, adolescents and adults. This garment fell out of fashion in the 20th century, when it was often ridiculed and seen as old-fashioned, but gradually gains new popularity among a minority of fans.

Wearing pajamas in public[edit]

Pajamas are often worn as comfort wear even when not in bed, but usually only in the home.

However in some cases pajamas are also worn in public and outdoors. In North America, some people (mainly young females) have started to wear pajama pants in public as fashion. In China, it is not unusual in the late afternoon or evening, to have adults wear their pajamas in public around their local neighborhood.

Pajamas and spanking[edit]

Many people who are into spanking love pajamas (for the spankee) as they come with an air of cuteness and innocence. Any spankee, but especially the partner you find attractive, tends to look incredibly cute in pajamas. In addition, they can be seen as a "sexy" garment because the wearer is usually naked or nearly naked under the loose-fitting garment which provides easy access to both the upper body (under the jacket) and the lower body (buttocks, genitals and legs region).

Pajamas, particularly those with an elastic waistband, are also trivially easy to pull down to bare the buttocks for a bare bottom spanking, and equally easy to pull up again after the spanking.

For these reasons, spankophiles often love pajamas (and other mainstream nightwear items which are usually not considered fetish clothing). Pajamas are also very popular in spanking literature, such as in the narration of bedtime spanking scenes.

Pajamas and pantsing[edit]

Because pajamas are so easy to pull down, they are also very popular for the practical joke of pantsing, especially among siblings and children sleeping together (e.g. in a sleepover or in an institution such as a boarding school).

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