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L to R: Paddleball (10.5-inch length) and two beach paddles.

Paddleball (or paddle ball) is a child's game played with an attached ball and paddle. Using a flat paddle with a small rubber ball attached at the center via an elastic string, the player tries to hit the ball with the paddle in succession as many times as possible. The paddle is usually made from either light wood or plastic, although other materials can be used.

Paddleball and spanking[edit]

Due to general cheap construction, eventually the string will detach from the paddle, leaving the game useless. This breakage will normally happen in use, sending the ball flying. Some unlucky children have the ball break something when this happens and find themselves standing holding a paddle in hand.

Now such a ball-less paddle can also be used as a lightweight spanking paddle. It is similar in size to a ping-pong paddle (but more elliptic) and makes a good step up from the hand without being as heavy as a hairbrush. So a guardian might keep the paddle around afterwards for disciplinary purposes.

Similar games[edit]

Beach paddleball spanking, "Final Exam" (video by User:Jameslovebirch).

The following related ball games use bigger wooden rackets and the ball is not connected with a string to the paddle. They are mostly for two players. The rackets of these games are sometimes plain wood and sometimes with holes drilled through to reduce air resistance. They can also be used for spanking, but because of their bigger size they are not suitable for children; however they can be used with good effect on more voluminous adult's bottoms.

Battledore and shuttlecock (jeu de volant, hanetsuki)
A traditional game involving a wooden racket and a shuttlecock for a ball.
A ball is attached to an anchor by a long elastic band, which makes the ball come back when you hit it with a Jokari paddle.
One wall paddleball
An American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles.
Paddle tennis
A racquet sport invented in 1898 by Frank Beal. Rules and scoring are similar to tennis.
Padel Tennis (or just Padel)
A racquet sport played extensively in Spain and Latin America. It is not the same as Paddle tennis.
Beach tennis (or beach paddleball)
A game where two players play a ball with big solid wooden rackets. Beach tennis, and as the name suggests, is usually played on beaches.

Spanking videos[edit]

A selection of videos featuring different brands of beach and paddleball paddles.


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