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Vintage postcard: "Fortifying a Naval Base".

"Padding the trousers" refers to a common trick used by spankees who know that they are going to receive corporal punishment. It was often used by schoolboys in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in England.

In those days, misbehaving schoolboys were routinely punished by caning (or by paddling in the United States) on the seat of their trousers. The trick was possible when the boys were not required to remove their trousers for the punishment, and when a spanking implement was used instead of the spanker's hand.

The boys secretly slipped a flat object into the back of their trousers so that the object would absorb the impact from the implement and they would not feel pain. To avoid incurring the suspicion of the spanker, the boys would, of course, pretend that they were in pain.

According to references to that practice in literature and imagery, the object used was typically a book, or several sheets of paper. In some cases, if there was time, the boy even slipped on additional pairs of underpants.

Risk of discovery[edit]

The padding trick comes with a risk of discovery. The trick may be detected through the following ways:

  • Visual inspection: If a book is used, the rectangular shape of the book would be visible if the spankee is wearing tight pants. This is probably a reason why schoolboys in England were required to change into tight gym shorts (sometimes without underpants below) for punishment so that the outline of the buttocks can be clearly seen through the shorts. Besides, if the padding trick is used, the spankee's bottom will appear slightly larger and more 'bulgy'.
  • Sound: The sound produced when a spanking implement makes contact with the spankee's bottom is different from that of an implement hitting a book or layers of paper.

Very experienced spankers would most definitely be able to notice the differences and see through the trick.

If the spankee is caught, he/she could expect more severe punishment for attempting to cheat their way out of their deserved correction. In the worst case scenario, the trick may backfire on the spankee, as the spanker might make the spankee receive the spanking on the bare bottom, resulting in no protection for the spankee's bottom at all.

In some places where formal corporal punishment is administered and the spankee is not required to receive the punishment on the bare bottom, the spanker/disciplinarian may be instructed to check the spankee before the chastisement commences to ensure that the spankee does not have any additional "protection", apart from the normal clothing.

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